Summer Vacation Challenge is at the bottom of the page.  It's link is the banner.

Nostalgia Holiday Challenge

The best things we remember about Christmas.

Winter Blues Challenge

When winter gets you down, there's nothing like a good challenge.

Tenth Anniversary "Drunken" Challenge

Moonshadow's Tenth anniversary and our characters are toasting (perhaps over-toasting).

The Worst Holiday Ever Challenge

Sometimes the worst holidays aren't all they're cracked up to be.

The Wit and Wisdom of Will Rogers

Our authors used sayings by Will Rogers as inspiration for their stories.

War Is...

We examine some of the effects of war on all of us.

It Seemed Like a Good Idea...

Some things seem like a good idea until you actually try them.

The One That Got Away Challenge

The Tribe wrote about those who got away from someone.

Tripping Challenge

An exploration of all the meanings of "tripping".

2010 Valentine Challenge

This challenge was inspired by Valentine's Day.

Something to Think About Challenge

Some clever sayings inspired this challenge.

Junk Food Challenge

Some of our favorite characters have cravings for junk food.

Mayday Challenge

Somebody puts out a call for help.

Broken Bed Challenge

Tribe members were challenged to write a story involving a broken bed.

Prequel Challenge

Tribe members took up the challenge to write a prequel for some of their favorite stories.

Balloon Challenge

Each story involves a balloon of some kind.

Classy Insults and Awful Analogies Challenge

A couple of Tribe members found lists of each of these things, so the challenge was to incorporate some of them into a story.

The Colors of Christmas Challenge 2007

Christmas stories based on the colors we associate with Christmas.  

The Cat Blew Up Challenge

Based on an offhanded comment from someone related to the tribe.  

Christmas 2006 Challenge

The perfect gift is given.

  Fairy Tale Challenge

This is a bit of fun using twisted fairy tales to celebrate our one year anniversary.

Third Anniversary Challenge

  Halloween party with unexpected guest.

The Fluff Challenge

Write a fluff story in which to commemorate our 350,000 hits.

Second Anniversary Challenge

The picture came first, the stories were inspired by it.

The Marriage Challenge

How would our boys address the gay marriage issue?

The 100,000 Challenge

This in honor of the site hitting 100,000 hits in less than a year.

Christmas Song Title Challenge

We are writing fics using our favorite boys - the title of each fic must be a Christmas Song

The Kiltaki Virus

A virus has attacked the tribe.

Alphabet Challenge

Authors were challenged to come up with stories whose titles started with the letters of the alphabet.

Scary Things Challenge

All kinds of things can scare us.

Fireworks Challenge

In honor of the Fourth of July we looked at all kinds of "fireworks".

Aftermath Challenge

The Tribe looked at the consequences in the "aftermath" of events.

Taxed to the Max Challenge

In honor of April being tax month for many of us.

Anniversary Halloween Cockblock Challenge

Our ninth anniversary challnge.

Life Lessons Challenge

Some of our favorite characters learn life lessons.

St. Patrick's Day Challenge 2011

The Tribe wrote about various St. Patrick's Day situations.

2010 Holiday Challenge

The tribe explored the real meaning of...

Changing Jobs Challenge

Brian and Justin contemplate some new professions.

Christmas Gift Challenge

Choosing the perfect gift is difficult.

One in a Million Challenge

In celebration of a million hits on our site.

April Fool's Challenge

Who's playing an April Fool's joke?

The Hat Challenge

The Tribe took on the challenge of writing about hats for their favorite characters.

Christmas Challenge 2008

The Moonshadow Tribe explored Christmas Traditions old and new and just beginning.

Reunion Challenge

The Moonshadow Tribe returned to its roots to reunite Brian and Justin.

Fifth Anniversary Challenge

The perfect gift is given.

The Crossover Challenge

Different authors have 2 of their favorite fandoms meet.

Fourth Anniversary Challenge

Celebrating a birth or birthday, but what kind?

Christmas 2005 Challenge

Use of symbols of the seasons in a story.

The Kiss Challenge

The meaning of a kiss.

A Special Challenge

Tongue firmly in cheek here.

Christmas Challenge

Christmas stories using either a Christmas movie title or based on said movie.

The Guessing Game Challenge

Early in life Brian marries the wrong person.  Suddenly he meets the right one.


Challenge by Shannon Marie: The boys in different aspects of being hustlers.

The Mikey Challenge

Justin and Michael are together.







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