Pic by Sabina

Gorgeous Carat - Light Two Candles by Arwensong

Ray discovers something about his new employee, Solomon Sugar.

New Jan. 4th

Better Friends and Lovers Universe - Compromises by Arwensong

Even at Christmas compromises may be needed.

New Jan. 2nd

QAF - There's a Pawn Shop on the Corner by Wren

An AU where Brian and Justin meet in college.

New Dec. 24th

QAF - Worthless by Ela

Since Christmas is not about material things, the gang decided not to buy expensive and abundant gifts for each other. At Brian's suggestion, they decided to give the exact opposite of a gift. In addition, Rage is in trouble and in need of a hero.

Better Friends and Lovers Universe - The Perfect Gift by Arwensong

Sometimes the perfect gift comes in a very different guise.

Part 1

Part 2

QAF - The Best Gift by Thyme

 Justin wants to get Brian something special for Christmas. 

QAF - Up a Tree by Dale

Brian and Justin conspire to get Gus what he wants for Christmas. 

QAF - The Ugliest Gift Ever by Sabina

Post 513.  Ted wonders about something Brian has on his desk

Harry Potter - A Very Harried Christmas by Cujo

Follow up to ‘Foamy Irishman’. Harry Potter needs a Christmas present for Draco.

Star Trek TNG - The Littlest Q by Arwensong

Q needs to learn more about Christmas gifts.

QAF - Some Light on the Subject by Dale

Justin insists that Brian make a decision. 

X-Files - Re-Gifting by Sabina

Walter and Alex try to find the perfect gift for each other.

Gorgeous Carat - Christmas Chicken by Astraplain

A Christmas drabble

QAF - Bigger Than Life by Dale

Brian opens a Christmas present early. 

QAF - Hunger by Thyme

 Gus teaches the adults in his life a very important lesson. 

Better Friends and Lovers Universe - A Man's Christmas in Erin by Arwensong

Based on Dylan Thomas’ “A Child’s Christmas in Wales.”

Sentinel - A Sentinel Sensible Gift by Sabina

Blair prepares a gift for his sentinel. 

QAF - Be a Sport by Dale

Justin saves the day for Ben.

QAF - A Christmas Wish by Thyme

 Gus has a special request for Christmas. (Originally written for Queer as Christmas on LJ.)

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