Banner by Sabina

QAF - Taxed by Ela

Brian is getting taxed in a very unique way.

QAF - Hearts, Shamrocks, Taxes and Thee! by Sabina

Brian reviews the important holidays during the year.

The Faculty, Broken Toys 'verse - The EZ Form by Astra Plain

A double drabble in which Casey gets some help with this taxes.

QAF - April Is the Cruelest Month by Dale

Brian's taxes tax Justin's patience.

Sentinel - School Tax by Sabina

What to do with a tax refund.

QAF - Taxed To the Max by Thyme

A different take on Episode 304.  This is the way it could have been.

X-Files - A Considerable and Taxing Effort by Sabina

Alex has to help Walter with his taxes.

QAF - Tax Return by Thyme

Justin has to decide what to do with his tax refund.

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