Prequel Challenge

Best Friends  By Shadownyc

QAF - Justin and Daphne share some best friends time.

What's Meant To Be  By Dale

QAF - Some things are meant to be.

Understanding the Power of the Dick  By Thyme

QAF - A teenaged Brian Kinney has his first sexual encounter.

From the Spoils of War, Comes Hope  By Sabina

X-Files Rat and Bear universe - Alex and Walter celebrate Veterans' Day.

Things a Man Never Forgets  By O.G. Walton

QAF - Some things in life are unforgettable.

The Night Before the Lamppost By Dale

QAF - Brian and Justin prepare for the most important night of their lives.

Some Day  By Sabina

QAF - Two families go to the park for the afternoon.

Dance Partners  By Astra Plain

Gorgeous Carat - Florian has some trouble with his dancing.

Hero  By Cheryl

QAF - Justin spends an afternoon with his father and meets his hero.

Not Just a Fairy Tale  By Dale

QAF - Is Brian Kinney a fairy tale waiting to happen?

"See Ya!"  By Sabina

The Sentinel - Jim and Blair meet unexpectedly years before they work together.

"Someone to Watch Over Me"  By Arwensong

Original - From the Better Friends and Lovers Universe - Danny suffers the consequences of coming out.

Meeting...The First Time  By Lady Raven

QAF  - A SHORT peek into Brian and Justin's very first meeting.

New Oct. 23rd 2008

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