Welcome to our very special Vacation Challenge.  This time the challenge is for you, the reader.<bg>  Below is a list of stories and a list of the authors that wrote them. Your mission, is to figure out which story was written by which author.  Contact me with your answers and in two weeks we'll announce the results and the winner.  Sorry, no prize other then your name being on the site as the winner.  After all this is just for fun. 

The winner with the most correct guesses was: Connie!  With 6 out of the 9 right.

The story guessed correctly by all who participated was O.G. Walton's "The Sweetest Kiss"

(sorry O.G.<bg>)

Vacation Plans

By Bailey

New! June 15th

Vacation Rules!

by  Sabina

Dear Daphne

by  Phoenix

Let's Get Lei-d

by  Margaret

The Sweetest Kiss

by   O.G. Walton

Wear No Disguise For Me

by   Jule

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

by   Thyme

Summer Vacation

by   Simon

Sous le soleil

by   Twinflower

The Ride Revisited

by   Cindy1

Paraiso (Paradise)

by   Gina

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