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QAF - OOPS - by Dale

Justin shares something from out of the past. 

QAF - Well, Hello Sweetheart! - by Sabina

It's so easy to make a stupid mistake.

Glee - Set Him Free - by Cujo

Spoilers for season 2. Written between E10 & E11, after ‘When I Get You Alone’ clip was released.

The Sentinel - Not Leaving - by Cheryltx

Sometimes promises have to be kept.  

QAF - The One That Got Away - by Thyme

Sometime after 513, Brian is forced to face the reality that all things change.  

QAF - To Angela - by O.G. Walton

From O.G.'s Fantasy Season universe, Gus needs some help from his fathers.

X-Files(Rat/Bear universe) - The Rat, The Mouse, The Fox... - by Sabina

Alex Krycek looks into some old X-Files.   

QAF - Now You See Them - by Dale

A little sympathy for Emmett.

Original - The Master and the Robe - by Astra Plain

An original story, inspired by various folktales and fairytales, and a figure skating routine.

QAF - Not Meant To Be - by Thyme

During Season 5, someone has a change of heart.

Gorgeous Carat - The Gift of Silence - by Arwensong

Part I

Part II

Part III

Florian has a huge task to complete in order to save Ray.

QAF - Former Associates - by Sabina

A newspaper article catches someone's attention.

QAF - Yes, We Have No Potatoes - by Thyme

Sometime after 513, Brian and Justin go to a restaurant in New York.  

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