Pic by Sabina

QAF - WTF Happened? by Dollparts

Everyone wants to know how the bed got broken.

X-Files - The Broken Bed by Sabina

Alex and Walter from the Rat and Bear Universe.  Walter has a mishap. 

QAF - Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed by Dale

Hunter needs housing.  

Gorgeous Carat - Fishing by Astra Plain

Florian has a gift for Ray.  

Better Friends and Lovers - Broken Beds by Arwensong

An attempted punking has interesting consequences.

QAF - A Winter Weekend by Shadownyc

Brian and Justin finally get some time away in Vermont.  

Torchwood - The Right Tool for the Job by Astra Plain

Ianto likes to have the right tool for any job. 

The Sentinel - First Times by Sabina

Blair is a PhD and a detective, and he knows a thing or two about splinters as well.

QAF - Broken Vows by Dale

Justin goes into his dance.    

QAF - The Party by Thyme

Brian has an orgy at the loft 

QAF - Sometimes it's Fun by Cheryltx

Sometimes things are fun no matter what happens.     

QAF - Just Right by Arwensong

Brian and Justin share some memories at Deb's house.     

QAF - Eye Hooks by Sabina

Brian and Justin try to install some hardware.

QAF/Harry Potter Crossover - And Pigs Will Fly by Thyme

Brian and Justin take a trip to Hogwarts.  A continuation of my story called His Own Brand of Magic written for the Crossover Challenge.

QAF - What Happens at the White Party, Stays at the White Party by Arwensong

Brian and Ben share some memories of the White Party.     

Kyou Kara Maou - Breakfast by Astra Plain

The servants are betting on who King Yuuri will marry.  


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