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Mayday Challenge

QAF - May Day - by Kris

Brian has to come to the rescue.

The O.C. - Bunch of Thyme - by Twinflower

Seth has an emergency that only Ryan can solve.

QAF - All in a Good Day's ... Work? - by Wren

Brian keeps getting interrupted by requests for Justin's help.

QAF - The Yuck Factor - by Sabina

Brian has some minor surgery to perform.

Gorgeous Carat - Intruders - by Astra Plain

Ray and Florian are away but someone's in the house with Laila and Noel.

QAF - On the Wings of a Prayer - by Arwensong

Brian gets a call from Gus, and he can't refuse.

QAF - Brian to the Rescue - by Dale

Brian deals with multiple emergencies.

QAF - Justin to the Rescue - by Dale

Cynthia knows an emergency when she sees one.

QAF - Gus to the Rescue - by Dale

Gus seems to be taking after Justin.

The Sentinel - The Sentinel to the Rescue - by Sabina

Blair has an accident.

QAF - Mother's Day Mayday - by Thyme

Brian gets an emergency call on Mother's Day.

X-Files - Scrambled or Poached - by Sabina

In the Rat/Bear Universe - Something is upsetting the chickens.

QAF - "Ice, Brian, Ice" - by Arwensong

Justin needs Brian.


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