Twinflower came across a magazine article about what each type of kiss stands for.

Kiss on the mouth = I love you.

Kiss on the ear = I can't live without you.

Kiss on the neck = I want you.

Kiss on the cheek = Let's be friends.

Kiss on the hair = I want more.

Kiss on the forehead = I'm faithful to you.

Kiss on the hand = Everything's over already.

So with these in mind, we wrote our stories and some even added a couple of different types of kisses of their own.<bg>  

One on the House

By O.G. Walton

A Simple Kiss of Faith

A Kiss on The Hand



Unfair Advantage

Spin The Bottle

All By Sabina

Time to Go

Kiss and Tell

It's in His Kiss

All By Twinflower

A Kiss on the Hand

By Thyme

To Be With You

Taking Care of My Baby

Little Fuzzy Sweater

By Gina

A Leather Jacket Valentine

By Wren


By Margaret

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