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QAF - The Real Meaning of New Year - by Wren

37 drabbles about the real meaning of 'New Year'.

QAF - Spinning the Dreidel - by Dale

The guys observe Hanukkah.

Gorgeous Carat - Evergreen - by Astra Plain

The evergreen has a special meaning.

QAF - Brian and the True Meaning of Christmas - by Sabina

Sometimes true meaning is not clear - takes place after 513, the boys are together.

QAF - The Christmas Tree - by Thyme

Brian never has a Christmas tree in the loft.

Sentinel - A Sentimental Sentinel - by Sabina

What do you want for Christmas - a Jim/Blair discussion.

QAF - Do Unto Others - by Dale

Gus wins a prize.

QAF - A Dreary Christmas  - by Thyme

Looks like there will be no snow this Christmas.

X-Files(Rat & Bear universe) - What Do You Get...? - by Sabina

What do you get for someone who doesn't want anything?

QAF - The Secret of Christmas - by Dale

Trying to be Christmassy all year round.

QAF - Christmas Shopping - by Thyme

Brian and Justin take Gus Christmas shopping.

QAF - The Bells At Christmas - by Arwensong

A Better Friends and Lovers Story.

The O.C. - When You Got A Good Thing - by Twinflower

The Boys take a Holiday Trip.

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