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X-Files - I Come In Pieces by Sabina

Alex and Walter have to deal with some runaway gadgets.

QAF - Not Just Another Hotlanta Incident by Thyme

Justin decides to cook.

Glee - Get Ready to Roomba! by Cujo

Have you ever been attacked by a vacuum?

QAF(Better Friends and Lovers Universe) - How Many Studs Does It Take to Change a Lightbulb? by Arwensong

Changing a lightbulb can be a challenge.

QAF - Popped! by Sabina

Date night almost goes awry for Brian and Justin.

QAF - Wild Thing by Dale

Justin mows the lawn.

Sentinel - The Magic Bullet! by Sabina

Be careful with those kitchen gadgets.

QAF - Ripped Off by Thyme

Justin buys something on the internet that he thinks will be a good idea.

QAF - Unintended Consequences by Dale

A problem with chemistry.

QAF(Begin Again Universe) - Nothing But the Best by Arwensong

Mac and Brian are going camping.

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