The Worst Holiday Ever

Banner by Sabina

QAF - The Color Red by O.G. Walton

Some Christmas memories aren't all they should be.

QAF - Improvisation by Dale

Holiday schedules can be almost impossible.

QAF - Grateful by GaleandRandy

Post Series- A very condensed take on 'Planes, Trains & Automobiles'- QAF style. Brian proves that he'll do just about anything to keep his promise to Gus and Justin and get to New York in time for Christmas Eve.

Emergency - Silent Night by Cheryltx

An emergency call on Christmas Eve changes everything.

QAF - Alone by Sabina

Post 513 - Alone for the holidays.

QAF - The Worst (?) Christmas Ever by Wren

Weather and friends can wreak havoc on a holiday.

Glee - The Ghost of Christmas Past by CuJo

Kurt and Finn have car trouble on Christmas Eve.

QAF - The Worst Holiday Ever by Thyme

Brian finds he is having an impossibly bad Christmas Eve.

Sentinel - Close But No Cigar! by Sabina

Blair and Jim find that a good deed can go awry.

Kyou Kara Maou (KKM) - A Reason To Celebrate by Astra Plain

Yuuri has no idea what's happening, but he's in the middle of it as usual.

QAF - Sick for Christmas by Thyme

It's never good to be sick at Christmas time.

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