The Best Worst Fic Challenge!

Everything here is was done with tongue firmly in cheek!

On a certain website several of our writers have been lovingly titled as the worst best fic writers in the fandom.  So we thought we'd show just how bad bad fic can really be.  So be warned and enjoy!  Or should we say and cringe.<VBG>

Lites Out

By Margaret

Just Another Weekend

By CuJo

What Are You Doing?

By Thyme

Wut the boyz did

By Cheryl


By Mothafunkybat

Ballz& Babez

By Gina

New! Jan. 21st

Fun With Dick and Jane

By Thyme

New! Jan. 31st


Dark and Stormy

By Sabina

Short and Sour

By Guest Writer J.J.

Once Upon A Time

By Twinflower


By O.G. Walton


By Jude

Life According to Brian and Justin

By Twin

New! Jan. 21st

It's Happened Again!

By Phoenix

New! Jan. 31st

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