Banner by Sabina


Original - Lost Spring by Cheryltx

This poem was written when I found a snapshot my mother took and labeled ‘March 21, 1958’. It showed the side of our house in NJ with my brother’s bike leaning
against the fence and snow drifted almost to the top of the bike in the foreground and the fence in the background.

QAF - Blue on Black by Thyme

Hazards of winter.

QAF - The Unruly Toy - Chapter 5 by Ela

Hazards of winter.

QAF - Blue Streak by Arwensong

A Queer as Folk Story in the “Begin Again” Universe - Brian has some reasons to curse a 'blue streak'.

Original - Winter Blues Haikus by Sabina

Three haikus that inspired the stories below.

X-Files - Rat and Bear by Sabina

Alex has had it with snow.

QAF - Brian and Justin by Sabina

Justin uses unorthodox methods to get Brian to enjoy winter.

The Sentinel - Jim and Blair by Sabina

Winter camping can be interesting.

QAF - ICE by Thyme

Justin has a problem.

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