Junk Food Challenge

Many thanks to Sabina for the great junk food pic.


Warning: Moonshadow takes no responsibility for cravings for ice cream, cream
filled cakes and other sugary confections, real or imagined.


X-Files - The Rocky Road - by Sabina

 Alex does his best to help Skinner overcome his addiction.

QAF - Somebody Has To Do It - by Dale

Brian and Justin solve a sticky situation.

Better Friends and Lovers - Let Me Eat Cake - by Arwensong

Danny has a craving for cake.

Torchwood - Sandwiches - by Astra Plain

Ianto has a new kind of sandwich for Jack to try.

QAF - It Ain't Junk - by Thyme

Justin discovers a little secret.

QAF - Twinkie Twink - by Dale

Justin and Brian go on a shopping trip.

Gorgeous Carat - Tooth Mouse - by Astra Plain

Florian and Ray share a sweet treat.

The Sentinel - Not Happy - by Sabina

Never Get in the Way of a Sentinel and his Donut!

QAF - Nuts to You - by Dale

Brian is on a health kick.

QAF - What a Daddy Will Do - by Thyme

Brian has a visit with Gus in Toronto.

QAF - Glazed Donut - by Sabina

 Gus has a cold.

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