One in a Million Challenge

Pic by the fabulous Sabina

QAF - Words - by Ela

Joan Kinney suffers a great loss. Afterwards, she is taken on a quest for wisdom and peace of mind. For travel companions she gets two
people she never expected to find close to her heart.

New Nov. 7th 2009

Star Trek TNG - What Are the Odds? - by Arwensong

Q decides it's time to visit Picard again.

QAF - Inflation - by Dale

Is 'one in a million' such a great compliment?

QAF - Two and a Half Million...and One - by Arwensong

Brian makes an unusual pitch to a valued client.

Gorgeous Carat - Elements - by Astra Plain

A double drabble about the four elements and their effect on a lover.

Gorgeous Carat - Senses - by Astra Plain

A companion piece to Elements.

QAF - Let Me Count the Ways - by Sabina

Brian does some serious counting.

X-Files - Let Me Count the Ways - by Sabina

Mulder calls the home of Skinner and Krycek.

QAF - Everybody Needs a Bit of Iridescence - by Twinflower

Brian and Justin are trying to renovate.

Better Friends and Lovers Universe - One Million Served - by Arwensong

A special event is about to happen at Babylon.

QAF - The Million Dollar Question - by O.G.Walton

Justin unexpectedly runs into someone.

QAF - A Million Miles Away - by Thyme

Takes place during 501 when Brian believes that Justin will not return from L.A.  Goes with the following companion piece.

QAF - My Boyfriend's Back - by Thyme

Companion piece to "A Million Miles Away".  Justin returns from L.A.

The O.C. - Swinging and Stealing - by Twinflower

Seth and Ryan talk about how they met and their future.

Sentinel - Let Me Count the Ways - by Sabina

Blair and Jim go camping.

QAF - It Takes a Village - Sometimes - by Dale

Brian scores a goal.

Torchwood - 999,999 - by Astra Plain

Jack learns that it is possible to have too much of a good thing.

Torchwood - 827 - by Astra Plain

Sequel to 999,999.

QAF - What Does a Million Mean? - by Thyme

Gus has a school assignment.

QAF - Revenge Is Us - by Dale

Skating and a movie can lead to bloodshed.

QAF - Treasure Worth More Than a Million - by Sabina

B & J just being a fluffy B & J

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