Based on an offhand comment from someone related to the tribe.  It inspired lots of stories and drabbles as we tried to work that statement into prose.

The Cat Blew Up - Astra

The Cat Blew Up 2 - Cheryl

Writer's Block - O.G. Walton

Where Have You Been - Thyme - Arwensong

The Cat Blew Up 3 - Celtic Wolfster

The Cat Blew Up 4- Kris

Poor Cat - Dale

The Cat Blew Up 5 - Sabina

The Cat Blew Up 6 - Twinflower

When a Man Meets a Cat, and a Cat Meets a Man - Ela

The Cat Blew Up 7 - Ponga

Story Time - Gina


The Cat Blew Up Challenge - Part II

Someone suggested that the silliness of the statement "The cat blew up!" should be followed by "The dog seemed perplexed looking at the Map" or by "The Mouse Went Dancing Naked".  So here's the stories based on those lines.

The Cat Blew Up ... Continues - Sabina

The Dog Seemed Perplexed Looking at the Map - Ponga

The Mouse Went Dancing Naked - Ponga

An X-Files Kind of Day - Celtic Wolfster

The Smart One - Twinflower

When a Dog Meets a Boy, and a Cat Meets a Girl - Ela

When a Mouse Meets a Cat, and a Cat Meets a Mouse - Ela

When a Man Meets a Cat, and a Cat Meets a Lady - Ela

System Failure - Twinflower

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