Reunion Challenge

Together Again by Dale

Brian and Justin get together again.

You're Back by Sabina

Post 513, one of our lovers returns.

Parallel Universes Collide by Thyme

It's been three years since Brian and Justin have seen each other.

Lady Luck by Astra Plain

A trip to Las Vegas has some interesting results.

June 30, 2020 by Anonymous

A romantic reunion?

Home by Lady Raven

A tender and eventful reunion.

Save the Last Dance for Me by Arwensong

Some underhanded tactics implement a reunion.

Maybe, Maybe Not by Simon

Brian goes to New York to see Justin.

The Last Man Standing by O.G. Walton

Justin returns to Liberty Avenue after a long absence.

Promises by Cheryl

When Justin leaves for New York in 513, promises are made.

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