Scary Things Challenge

Banner by Sabina

QAF - A Scary Thought  by Sun

Sometimes thinking about the future can be scary.

QAF - Demons  by Sabina

Sometimes demons come very unexpectedly.

QAF -  A Cascade of Rueful Incidences by Ela

When an old acquaintance comes to visit Brian, how could he refuse his plea for help? Brian being Brian, the help comes in the form of a campaign. This unique, interactive, and scary campaign targeted to the audience of one young man will be executed on Liberty Avenue. As the faces of the campaign we will see Brian and his friends, and the campaign is set to begin on Halloween night…

Chapter 1 - Courageous Client

Chapter 2 - Tempting Trick

Chapter 3 - Enigmatic Escort

Chapter 4 - Deceptive Defender

Chapter 5 - Fiendish Friend

QAF - Rites of Passage  by Thyme

Moving on to a new phase of your life can be scary.

X-Files - Fright Night  by Sabina

A shadowy figure visits.

QAF - Not Again  by Cheryltx

A bad moment is revisited.

QAF - Who You Gonna Call?  by Trishwish

Something strange is going on at Britin.

Sentinel - Boo!  by Sabina

Halloween boos can be scary or fun.

QAF - Scary  by Thyme

You never know what someone might be afraid of.

QAF - Way Too Scary by Sabina

A Sunshine Files snippet

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