Valentine Challenge

Pic by Sabina

QAF - Begin Again universe - The Way You Look Tonight - by Arwensong

Brian's lover is getting threatening letters.

Added Feb. 28th

QAF - Is That All There Is? - by Sabina

Brian and Justin have been together for a long time.

Added Feb. 15th

QAF - Secret Admirers - by Dale

Brian gets an anonymous valentine.

QAF - Kinney vs. Taylor - by Sabina

This is a Sunshine Files snippet involving Bree and an unexpected gift.

QAF - Penicillin Tart - by Gina

Love is not a shot in the ass.

Original - The Stars - by Astra Plain

This is an attempt to write a gender neutral story.

QAF - BFAL universe - My Funny Valentine - by Arwensong

In trying to do something special for a friend, Brian and
Danny learn that Valentine's Day can be special for skeptics too.

QAF - You're Unbelievable - by Thyme

Post 513 - Brian thinks it's time to end things with Justin.

The Sentinel - That Thing - by Sabina

A Sentinel valentine.

QAF - The Invitation, Part 2 - by O.G. Walton

This is the next chapter in Fantasy Season 11.  You can access the rest of the story here:  Fantasy Season 11

QAF - Have a Heart - by Dale

Brian sends some valentines.

QAF - How Do You Spell That Again? - by Arwensong

The gang has an unusual problem to solve.

Original - Valentine Haikus - by Sabina

Two haikus with a love theme for Valentine's Day.

QAF - A Prize Valentine - by Dale

Justin doesn’t know he’s in a contest.  

X-Files - Bearly a Valentine - by Sabina

In the rat and bear universe, a snowstorm leads to a recognition of Valentine's Day.

BFAL universe - Valentine's Days, Past and Present - by Arwensong

On Valentine's Day Rose O'Keefe thinks back on other such days.

QAF - My Devious Valentine - by Thyme

A plan's afoot.

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