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BFAL - Interludes Universe  Holding Out For a Hero - Part 4  By Arwensong

A continuation of this story from the BFAL universe. (Added June 25th 2013)

Gorgeous Carat  Red-Haired Herring  By Astra Plain

Florian, Ray and Laila have had a busy night.

X-Files  The Truth WAS Out There : The Aftermath  By Sabina

The case of the disappearing base.

QAF  Pizza  By Thyme

Justin is starving.

QAF  After Math  By Sabina

Gus has work to do.

Gorgeous Carat  Black Icarus Resurrection  By Arwensong

A Sequel to The Black Swan, a Gorgeous Carat Story

Sentinel  Dead Drop: The Aftermath  By Sabina

The Sentinel: Dead Drop gap-filler

QAF  Upside Down  By Thyme

A little snippet about Justin going with Ethan after the Rage party.

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