The Wit and Wisdom of Will Rogers Challenge

Banner by Sabina

QAF - Balance - by GaleandRandy

Not entirely a cancer arc gapfiller for 410-411.

QAF - Like Father, Like Son - by O.G. Walton

Gus needs his father to explain how to deal with life problems.

Gorgeous Carat - A Word of Advice - by Astra Plain

Florian has a run-in with Laila.

QAF - You're the Top - by Dale

Brian and Justin have a discussion about Will Rogers, and other things.

QAF - WWW - What Would Will Say? - by Arwensong

Brian offers to do a favor for Emmett to everyone's surprise.

QAF - About Growing Older... - by Sabina

Brian and Justin have been together for a long time.

X-Files - About Growing Older 2... - by Sabina

Walter and Alex decide that getting older has its benefits.

QAF - About Growing Older 3... - by Sabina

Brian reflects on what's worth waiting in line for.

QAF - About Growing Older 4... - by Sabina

Two old friends meet to discuss life.

QAF - Broccoli Wars - by Thyme

Brian is called in to settle a dispute.

The Faculty - Killer Tofu - by Astra Plain

This is part of the fluffy Good Business series in which Casey and Zeke from The Faculty are rich, successful and in a long-term relationship. Casey has a problem with a woman.

QAF - Impacable - by GaleandRandy

Gapfiller for 310_311 - Brian and Justin will not be appeased or quieted.

The X-Files - Shut Up - by Sabina

Walter undertakes some new projects.

QAF - Did You Know? - by Cheryl

Justin learns what Brian was really doing in Ibiza.

Better Friends and Lovers - To Argue With a Woman - by Arwensong

Johnny has a girlfriend who needs some educating.

QAF - Arguing With Women - by Sabina

Brian knows better than to argue with Debbie.

QAF - Truth Hurts - by Thyme

Some time after Joan's visit to the loft when she discovers Justin there, Brian makes an attempt at reconciliation.

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