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Original - Fire Works - by Ela

This is the fourth chapter in the story The Unruly Toy - also titled When a Man Meets a Cat and a Cat Meets a Lady. If you arenít familiar with the premise of this story the chapter might be a bit confusing. The three former chapters can be found on Elaís page.

QAF - After 513 - Still Fireworks - by Sabina

Brian and Justin have been separated for some time.

QAF - Fireworks - by Sun

Brian and Justin get ready for some fireworks.

QAF - Yearning - by galeandrandy

Five years post 513 - Justin is still in New York. This is a one-shot about their journey back to one another.

The Sentinel - A Sensational 4th - by Sabina

A very special Fourth for Blair.

QAF - Firecracker - by Thyme

Post 513 - Debbie's holding her annual Fourth of July barbecue.

BFAL - A Dream Deferred - Fireworks - by Arwensong

A new edition of Better Friends and Lovers.

QAF - Fireworks of All Kinds - by Thyme

It's the night before the Fourth of July.

X-Files - Snap-Crackle-Pop-BOOM! - by Sabina

The Rat arranges special fireworks for his Bear.

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