Fifth Anniversary Challenge


The end of October marks five years since the creation of the Moonshadow Tribe.  In honor of this milestone we issued a challenge to tribe members to use any or all of the symbols of a fifth anniversary to inspire a story.  These symbols are wood, daisies and sapphires.  Hope you enjoy the results which come from many different fandoms.


Picture courtesy of our own Sabina


Anniversary Fics


Original - Daisy's Witch Board  By Dollparts

Facing some fears.

New Jan. 16th


QAF - Gothic Novel  By Dale

Justin is reading a manuscript for a novel.


X-Files - Mosaic  By Sabina

Walter and Alex celebrate an anniversary.


QAF - It's a Fucking Daisy!  By Thyme

Post 513, Brian visits Justin in New York.


Gorgeous Carat - Drowning in Blue   By Astra Plain

Note: Set in 1900 Paris, Gorgeous Carat is the story of Florian
Rochefort, a penniless aristocrat who was sold to Count Ray Balzac
Courland (aka the notorious jewel thief Noir).

QAF - The Gospel According to Brian Kinney  By O.G. Walton

There comes a time in every boy's life...


Charmed, Harry Potter, QAF Crossover - You Are Loved  By Celtic Wolfster

Chris and Wyatt have gifts for Harry and Draco with the help of Brian and Justin.


QAF - TF Shows YOU How to Show YOUR Man He's Loved on That Special Anniversary  By Twinflower

Brian and Justin are about to celebrate an anniversary.


QAF - Here's to Us, Who's Like Us, Damn Few  By Arwensong

Brian, Jennifer and Joan all have something in common.


The O.C. - Forever in My Heart  By Twinflower

A special anniversary.


The Sentinel - Rain  By Cheryltx

Jim and Blair have been together for five years.


LEXX, Sapphire and Steel, QAF Crossover - Irregularities in Dimension  By Ela

Brian Kinney vanishes and Sapphire and Steel are on the case.


Harry Potter - Hogwarts: A Future  By Cyprian Gadigan

A new witch is born.


Original - The Night of Nights  By Simon

The party will go on.


Gorgeous Carat - A Magi's Gift  By Arwensong

Ray and Florian think about the true meaning of gifts.



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