Moonshadow's Tenth Anniversary "Drunken" Challenge

Banner by Sabina

Ghost Soldiers - Empty Tables, Empty Chairs by Arwensong

Luke O'Keefe is having a bad day.

QAF - Accomplishments by Sabina

Brian Kinney only celebrates accomplishments.

QAF - The Fine Art of the Drunk by Thyme

Sometimes being a drunk has its advantages.

QAF - Darth Vader Had It Easy by Arwensong

Gus Kinney has some issues that are in need of resolution.

Gorgeous Carat - Overindulgence by Astra Plain

Matilde overindulges at Ray's party, but a hangover is the
last thing on her mind.

The O.C. - Almost by Twinflower

Seth has too much drink.

The Sentinel - Fine Spirits by Sabina

The panther knows best.

QAF - To the Rescue by Thyme

Brian Kinney is needed - some time post Ethan.

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