Changing Jobs Challenge

Pic by Sabina

QAF - The Contractor - by CherylTx

Justin hires a contractor.

QAF - What If? - by Dale

Brian and Justin do some speculating.

QAF - A Matter of Choice - by Sabina

Brian and Justin contemplate changing their lives.

QAF - Making Contact - by Astra Plain

Brian's new job - inspired by the movie "Whip It".

QAF - You Had Me at ... Later - by Arwensong

An AU with some cameos from the ‘Better Friends’ and ‘Begin Again’ Universes: Brian finds that in a tough economy, the going might get tough, but the tough get going even stronger than before

QAF - The Long and Short of It - by Dale

Does Brian's past predict his future?

QAF - Employment Trilogy - by Thyme

Brian tries out three new jobs.  These shook be read in the order they are listed

A Day at the Big Q

A Day at Torso

A Day at Jerk at Work

QAF - One Way Trip - by Dale

 Brian takes the bus.

QAF - Peacock - by O.G. Walton

 Brian struts his stuff.  Also part of O.G.'s Fantasy Season 11.

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