Tribe members had a list of funny sayings that inspired this challenge. We tried to come up with a story where the saying could be used or the saying was incorporated into the overall theme of the story.  For a list of the sayings click here.

Special kudos to our Sabina for the pic on this page, and for writing so many stories for this challenge.

QAF - A Day Without Sunshine Is Dark by Sabina

Brian misses his Sunshine.

QAF - So You Think Change is Inevitable by Dale

Justin fights for a principle.

Gorgeous Carat - Ocean by Astra Plain

Florian fights for Ray's life.

The Sentinel - Life Isn't Like a Box of Chocolates by Sabina

Hot peppers have their consequences.

QAF - A Day Without Sunshine by Arwensong

Sometimes sunshine is needed to chase away the dark.

QAF - Support Bacteria by Thyme

Brian is working on a new ad campaign.

The Sentinel - How Much Deeper Would the Ocean Be Without Sponges? by Sabina

Jim and Blair spend a day at the beach.

X-Files - A Clear Conscience is Usually the Sign of a Bad Memory by Sabina

Alex has a bout of conscience.

Harry Potter - Clear Consciences by Arwensong

Remus and Severus discuss the next generation of wizards.

QAF - OK, So What's the Speed of Dark? by Dale

Science and art collide.

QAF - Hard Work Pays Off by Thyme

Brian has some trouble with an intern.

QAF - He Who Laughs Last, Thinks Slowest by Sabina

It takes some people a long time to get a joke.

The Faculty - Addressing Sandwiches by Astra Plain

Zeke and Casey discuss tuna and other important things.

QAF - Inside Every Older Person is a Younger Person by Sabina

Brian wonders what happened.

Gorgeous Carat - The Law of Averages by Arwensong

Sometimes it's good to be on the above average side.

QAF - Eagles May Soar by Sabina

Ever seen the movie 1776?

QAF - Statistics Don't Lie by Dale

Remember Half the people you know are below average and 42.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

QAF - Speed of Light by Sabina

Brian goes to work at the comic store.

Better Friends and Lovers Universe - The Speed of Light by Arwensong

Daphne and Jamie have a problem that the rest of the O'Keefes try to solve.

QAF Drabble - If You Think... by Sabina

Brian is trying to pay off his debt from defeating Stockwell.

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