Individual Stories

Spike II

Justin's been watching YouTube again.

When I See Your Smile

Written for the Moonshadow Nostalgia Holiday Challenge.


Justin's been watching YouTube.

Brian and Justin

Justin uses unorthodox methods to get Brian to enjoy winter. Written for Moonshadow's Winter Blues Challenge.

After 513 - Still Fireworks

Brian and Justin have been separated for some time. Written for Moonshadow's Fireworks Challenge.

Hearts, Shamrocks, Taxes and Thee!

Brian reviews the important holidays during the year.  Written for Moonshadow's Taxed to the Max Challenge.


Post 513 - Alone for the holidays. Written for The Worst Holiday Ever Challenge at Moonshadow.

My Liege

The King of Babylon is needed. Written for the Anniversary Halloween Cockblock Challenge.


Sometimes demons come very unexpectedly. Written for Moonshadow's Scary Things Challenge.

A Knight to Behold

Justin brings something home to the loft.


Brian Kinney only celebrates accomplishments.Written for Moonshadow's Tenth Anniversary "Drunken" Challenge.

One Last New Year's Eve

Warning: This is a death fic - sad but beautiful.

Arguing With Women

Brian knows better than to argue with Debbie. Written for the Wit and Wisdom of Will Rogers Challenge.

About Growing Older...

Brian and Justin have been together for a long time. Written for the Wit and Wisdom of Will Rogers Challenge.


Date night almost goes awry for Brian and Justin. Written for the It Seemed Like a Good Idea...Challenge.

Well, Hello Sweetheart!

It's so easy to make a stupid mistake. Written for the One That Got Away Challenge.

A Matter of Choice

Brian and Justin contemplate changing their lives. Written for the Changing Jobs Challenge.

Is That All There Is?

Brian and Justin have been together for a long time.  Written for Moonshadow's 2010 Valentine Challenge.

Treasure Worth More Than a Million

B & J just being a fluffy B & J.  Written for the One in a Million Challenge.

If You Think...

Brian is trying to pay off his debt from defeating Stockwell.  A drabble written for the 'Something to Think About' Challenge

Inside Every Older Person is a Younger Person

Brian wonders what happened.  Written for the 'Something to Think About' Challenge

A Day Without Sunshine Is Like Night

Brian misses his Sunshine.  Written for the 'Something to Think About' Challenge

Glazed Donut

 Gus has a cold. Written for the Junk Food Challenge.

No Foolin'

Justin arrives at Brian's office out of the blue. Written for the April Fool's Challenge.

WTF Kinda Hat is That?

Justin isn't too fond of Brian's latest choice of hat. Written for the Hat Challenge.

It Is Tradition! 

Brian wants to change a Christmas tradition.  Written for the Christmas Traditions Challenge

Some Day 

Two families go to the park for the afternoon.  Written for the Prequel Challenge

Apparent Friends 

Written for the Classy Insults and Awful Analogies Challenge

What if...

Justin and Chris Hobbs hadn't been interrupted.

Hello Kitty

Written for the Tribe's Fourth Anniversary Challenge.

Rats That Go Bump in the Night

Written for the Third Anniversary Hallowe'en Challenge.

A Justin Taylor Christmas

Written for the Christmas Challenge based on a Christmas movie.

All Sewn Up

Written for the Tribe's Second Anniversary Challenge.

To Wed or Not to Wed

Written for the Marriage Challenge.

I'll Be Home for Christmas

Written for the 2003 Christmas Song Challenge.

The Horror of It All

Written for the Mikey Challenge. Justin and Michael are together.

Who I Am/From the Inside

Justin tops: from two perspectives.

I Love My Little Furry Balls

Tribble fluff for Jude

Taste Me A Rainbow

Justin is feeling uninspired, Brian finds a cure.

What the FUCK is this?

A very AU story regarding a very real syndrome.

The Great God Kinney

Justin writes an essay of love and is worshipped in return.

My Baby's Voice

Justin uses another asset to get attention.

Let there be Fluff

Brian comes home to a sugary mess.

Halloween Rage

Justin's in trouble, Rage, er, Brian, to the rescue.

Polishing Up Your Life

Justin has found a way to 'cure' Brian from over working.

Yes or No

Justin's quandary about Brian's proposal.

Making Up is Hard to Do

The boys make up.

The Ways of Love

Alternating thoughts the boys have about each other.

The Asshole!

A Gus story with a twist.

Tell Me

Brian hides the truth, Justin tries to deal with what he knows.

Keep It Up

The boys experiment with a new wonder drug and get 'stuck' with each other.


The boys cope with harsh reality.


The second most historic reunification since the first Brian and Justin reunion.

Come In Out of the Pain

Brian waits for Justin.

#1 Bottom Boy

Justin's POV regarding Todd, the bottom boy of Babylon.

The Airport

The boys have a little fun before their flight.

Waiting and Hoping

An AU view of the reunion during the time of the Ethan phase.

Let's Go Out and Play

Justin is in the mood for some fun and games but has a tough time convincing Brian. What Justin wants, Justin gets!

Let's Go for a Ride

Justin wants a car ride but gets a lot more!

The Boa

Accessorizing the QAF way!

Mikey Loves Brian

Mikey over hear a call meant for Justin and finally gets it.


Justin finally gets Brian to celebrate something.

Scratch My Itch

The boys give in to one of Brian's past indulgences one final time.

Somewhere in Maine

The start of a romantic weekend Stephen King style.

The Hole in the Wall

Justin jumps to the wrong conclusion and Brian gets hurt.


A short companion piece to 'Talk Dirty to Me'.


A little ditty; the lovers are separated and he can't stand it.


Brian can't find Justin and alerts the family for a search.


Justin is there for Brian - always - but especially on this aniversary

A Trip to Bottomville

A vacation and role reversal.

After Loving

Whispered conversations between Brian and Justin after, before, after, before, and after making love.


A is for Apple 

Below are stories written for Moonshadow's Alphabet Challenge.

B is for Bat

C is for Can't

D is for Debbie

E is for Enormous

F is for Fabulous

G is for Gus and the Girls

I is for Indignation

J is for Justin

K is for Kaleidoscope

L is for Loving

M is for Mississippi

N is for Noise

O is for OMG

P is for Proposal

Q is for Quintessential

S is for Scrunch

U is for Umbrella

V is for Victor

W is for Wrestling

X is for Xylophone

Y is for Yellow


About Growing Older 3...

Brian reflects on what's worth waiting in line for. Written for the Wit and Wisdom of Will Rogers Challenge.

About Growing Older 4...

Two old friends meet to discuss life. Written for the Wit and Wisdom of Will Rogers Challenge.

Former Associates

A newspaper article catches someone's attention. Written for the One That Got Away Challenge.

Brian and the True Meaning of Christmas

Sometimes true meaning is not clear - takes place after 513, the boys are together. Written for the 2010 Holiday Challenge.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Sometime after 513. Written for the Tripping Challenge.

The Ugliest Gift Ever

Post 513.  Ted wonders about something Brian has on his deskWritten for the Christmas Gift Challenge.

Let Me Count the Ways

Brian does some serious counting.  Written for the One in a Million Challenge.

Speed of Light

Brian goes to work at the comic store.  Written for the 'Something to Think About' Challenge

Eagles May Soar

Ever seen the movie 1776?  Written for the 'Something to Think About' Challenge

He Who Laughs Last, Thinks Slowest

It takes some people a long time to get a joke.  Written for the 'Something to Think About' Challenge

These Dreams

Inspired by the music by Heart and of course, our boys, Brian and Justin.

New May 24th 2009

Eye Hooks

Brian and Justin try to install some hardware. Written for the Broken Bed Challenge.

Mel's Hat

A drabble about the end of Mel's strange little hat. Written for the Hat Challenge.

99 LuftBalloons

From the Sunshine Files Universe. Written for the Balloon Challenge.

You're Back

Post 513, one of our lovers returns. Written for the Reunion Challenge.

The Cat Blew Up 5

Written for the Cat Blew Up Challenge.

Glitter and Man Sex

Written for the Tribe's Fluff Challenge.

Vacation Rules!

Written for the Vacation Challenge.

Perfectly Happy and Gay

Written for the Guessing Game Challenge.

The Kiltaki Virus

Written for the Kiltaki Virus Challenge. People are dying ... or are they?

The Death of Us

Written for the Kiltaki Virus Challenge. People are dying ... or are they?

A Cure for the Cranky Kinney

Justin has a special cure for a peculiar ailment..

Letters, Two

What would happen if Brian sent the letter and if Justin hit send? Thank you Simon for allowing me into your world.


Good Morning!

My Homesick Sonny Boy

Someone wants to get home.

Rain, Rain Go Away

A bored Brian has a nursey rhyme stuck in his head.

Puppy Dog Eyes

Brian breaks something, no, not that. Now he has to tell Justin.

Work in Progress

Separate POV's about the past four years of their lives; same conclusions.

A Fist Full of Love

Never assume! Brian helps Justin with a difficult task.

The Point System

Justin and a friend compare their studs.

Dead Ted

Poor Ted has a fatal accident, for which Brian is eternally grateful.

Sore/ No Touching

Justin deals with the aftermath of Brian's condition.

Emmett's Eyes

Brian and Justin are suffering from a unique sexual problem, Emmett cums to the rescue!

Dear Dad

Brian's thoughts ramble after he pushes Justin away, again.

Just A Suit

What's more important to Brian, Armani or Justin?

Fiddling with Worry

Ethan's back and wants a little Sunshine in his life.

Brian/Justin: Another Day In Bed

As the title suggests our boys spend a lazy day in bed together.

Tan Me

Justin gets free passes for a tanning salon and suffers the consequences.

Out of Character

The boys go to diner, Justin relives fond memories.

Chaos Theory

A queer study of the 'chaos theory'. Random assumptions lead to acts of love.

The Tragedy

The inevitable strikes Brian who needs Justin to help him cope.

Happy Heart Day

It's Valentines Day.

A Hard Day's Art

Justin creates a special sculpture but will Brian approve of it or where it's going.

A Time to Move On

Brian needs to discuss some changes in their relationship, is Justin able to listen.

Merry Xmas Brian Kinney

Brian's first real Christmas with the family he loves.

Brian Fcuk Me

the lovers are separated by hard work and miles, then they reunite!

Teddy & Justin

Justin asks Ted for advice and almost gets too much.

Kinney's Angel

Brian's thoughts about the angel next to him.

Not Interested

Brian's away on business and Justin gets hit on a lot.

The Ethan Project

Brian's green-eyed monster is on the loose.

Talk Dirty to Me

Brian's away and Justin misses him


A short companion piece to 'Talk Dirty to Me'.

Justin's Little Secret

Justin gets a pet and Brian doesn't know, yet.

Liberty Diner as Witness

The diner is conscious of the lives within it and around it.

A New Baby

Gus is 10, Deborah is nearly 8.  The mommies and daddies are having a wonderful time raising the children.  All seem very content.

A Renewed Life

A stranger comes to town and quickly turns becomes one of the family.

Brian's Dream

As the title suggests, Brian's thoughts and dreams of his love for Justin.

Dark and Stormy

Written for the Bad Fic Challenge.


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