Hello Kitty

"Bri?" Justin poked his head into the bathroom as Brian was brushing his teeth. "I'm going now. Emmett's downstairs waiting. I'm leaving the door open a little. We're going to be carrying up a lot of stuff. Okay?"

Brian mumbled a garbled 'okay' and gave Justin the royal wave with his toothbrush. Justin smiled back then vanished from the bathroom door. Brian could hear the loft door roll back then close. Brian shaved and took a quick shower. Their company would be arriving in a few hours. Brian and Justin were throwing a party.

You might ask, what accomplishment are Brian and Justin celebrating? The accomplishment, of sorts, is Justin's graduation from the world of twinkdom. Now Brian wouldn't come out (no pun intended) and say they were having a birthday party. No that would be too mundane. However, a celebration of this particular rite of passage was in keeping with Brian's philosophy of celebrating accomplishment. Bottom line, in a few more hours, Brian's loft was going to be the place to be.

After carefully choosing the appropriate and incredibly sexy black shirt and jeans, Brian decided he had better tend to the assignment he was given by said birthday boy and caterer. It was Brian's task to see that the wine and spirits flowed freely and that the music was conducive for both dance and conversation. Brian was highly adept at both. Besides he hated cheap booze and nasty music.

First Brian examined the liquor cabinet. Fine wines were chilling; the best vodkas were cold, as well as the finest brews. The red wines were decanted, ready to breathe and the refrigerator was stocked with soda and bottles of water. So far, this party thing was going well. Next up, choosing the appropriate music. Too soft and his guests would get bored. Too loud and they might as well have had the party at Babylon. No, Brian had to get the music just right.

As he stood at the entertainment center pondering the myriad of sounds, Brian thought he heard a little squeak. 'Loose floorboard?' Brian thought to himself as he bounced slightly on his toes. He shook his head, no. The flooring was laid over concrete but he decided to have a handyman check it out anyway, next week. Brian turned his attention back to loading the CD changer.

"Jazz, jazz, Moby, jazz, thumpa, jazz, Britney...shit, jazz," Brian muttered. With that done, Brian smiled.

"Squeak!" Brian looked around, cocked his head and concentrated. Nothing.

"Great, now I'm hearing things." The sound of the freight elevator gate rising brought Brian back to the now.

"Brian, honey, can you get the door!" Emmett shouted from outside the loft door. Justin had left it open a few inches but it wasn't enough and Emmett and Justin's burdens were growing heavy. Brian sprinted to the door and slid it open.

"Thank God! This stuff is heavy!" Emmett exclaimed as he pushed past Brian on his way to the kitchen, Justin close on his heels. "Sweetie, there's more on the elevator, could you?" Emmett gave Brian his best toothy grin. Dutifully, Brian went out to the elevator. After several trips, all of Emmett's fixings were on the kitchen counter.

"Now, you two shoo while I create my masterpieces. I'll call if I need any help." Emmett made a dismissal motion with his hand and began to prepare his creations. Brian and Justin decided to relax on the big cushions in the alcove. A couple of hours, some loving kisses and a short nap later, the lovers awakened to the delectable aromas of Emmett's delicacies.

"Brian, I brought drink mixes. Would you do the honors?" Emmett asked sweetly. He knew how to charm the stoic Brian. Brian nodded as Justin smiled brightly. Emmett gave Justin a discreet wink. Emmett and Justin knew Brian was on his best behavior and it was most appreciated.

Within the hour, the gang arrived in full force. The music was turned on to the appropriate decibel level and soon the party was in full swing.

"Brian, I think you have a mouse in your bedroom," Ted said smugly to his tall friend and boss.

"What the fuck are you talking about, Schmidt? There is no mouse in my loft," Brian growled back.

"Well, I know I heard something and it sounded like it came from your closet."

"What the hell were you doing in my closet?"

"I wasn't in your closet but I heard a squeaking noise when I went to use the bathroom," Ted replied.

"You're drunk, Theodore," Brian retorted sharply.

"Brian, I don't drink, remember?" Ted rejoined the party.


"Bri, I heard a strange noise in your bedroom," Michael said as he approached Brian.

"Not you too, Mikey? Does everyone have a hearing problem? Next thing you'll tell me is that you hear a mouse too," Brian said with a dramatic sigh.

"A mouse!" shouted Emmett as he jumped onto one of Brian's white upholstered chairs.

"Get the fuck off my chair, Honeycutt!" Brian shouted up at the frightened queen.

"Not until you find the mouse," Emmett shouted back. Everyone in the loft froze and stared at Brian.

"Mouse! Brian Kinney has a fucking mouse. Ha!" Debbie guffawed.

"Awe, a little Mickey," Hunter teased. "Can I see it? Is it a present for blondie?"

"There is no mouse!" Brian was becoming red in the face.

"Well, something is making that noise," Emmett squealed from his perch. Brian shot him a death glare as he mentally calculated the cleaning cost of one white chair.

"Brian, let's go check out your closet." Justin turned off the music so they could hear the supposed mouse. Then taking his partner's hand they ascended the steps into the bedroom. The gang huddled near the steps, except for Emmett who refused to get down off the chair.

"Justin, this is stupid, there is NO mouse!" Brian grumbled loudly so that the gang could hear.

"Maybe not a mouse but I do hear something," Justin replied as they stood by the bed listening intently. Just then several tiny mewling sounds were heard coming from Brian's closet.

"What the fuck?" Brian growled as they all stared at the offending closet.

"Well, don't just stand there, asshole, go look!" Debbie shouted. Brian and Justin gingerly approached the closet door.

Braving the unknown, another step toward manhood, Justin slowly slid back the closet door.

"I don't hear anything," Justin whispered. Just then a couple more squeaks came from the closet and Justin jumped back to hide behind his lover. Smiling up meekly at the older man, Justin gently pushed his man toward the closet.

"Fuck," Brian muttered as he approached the door. Everything appeared as he had left it when Brian was rummaging through it for his party attire only hours ago. "See, there is no...."


"Fuck me!" Brian shut the door. When he turned to look for support, Justin was already back by the steps huddled next to Debbie. "What a bunch of fairies," Brian exclaimed. He took a breath, steeled himself then slid back the door. Getting down on all fours and ignoring the lewd comments regarding his fine hind quarters, Brian pushed back his shoes to find the source of the noise. Finding it, he suddenly scrambled back and then sat on his ass with a thud.

"Bri, what is it?" Justin asked quietly.

"Don't keep us in suspense," Michael murmured. The gang all nodded in unison.

"Houston, we have a problem," Brian answered.

"A rat?" Hunter asked with glee.

"No," Brian scowled at the boy.

"What!?" the whole gang asked.

"Kittens," Brian retorted.

"Kittens!" Emmett, came down from the safety of his, um, Brian's chair, pushed through the crowd and entered the bedroom. He crossed over to the closet, got down on hands and knees and peered in.

"Quite the natural look for you, eh, Honeycutt," Brian snarked as Emmett's ass wiggled high up in the air.

"Fuck you, Kinney, and go get some towels or rags," Emmett ordered.

"I do not have rags in my loft and you will not be using any of my Egyptian cotton towels," Brian stated emphatically.

"Would you rather I use one of your Armani shirts or would you prefer Gucci?" Emmett withdrew his head from the closet to glare at his host.

"Shit, I need a drink." Brian was not pleased as he got up to get some towels. Justin brought Brian a shot of Beam.

The gang got comfortable on Brian's bed. Hunter brought over a large tray of canapes as Debbie brought over a folding tray. One by one everyone brought in their drinks and more food. The entertainment was now relegated to the bedroom.

"This must be a first," Debbie quipped.

"What are you talking about, Ma?" Michael looked dumbfounded at his mother.

"A dozen fully clothed people on this bed," Debbie stated and the gang giggled, all except Brian.

"Emmett, can't you get them out of my closet?" Brian asked hopefully.

"Afraid not, honey, mother and babies seem to be doing fine but there's only two kittens. Most cats give birth to four of five."

"Since when are you an expert on kittens?" Brian queried his flaming friend.

"Sweetie, this is me, you're talkin' to. I grew up around farm animals, cats and dogs. This sort of stuff happens all the time back home."

"Yeah, but not in my closet. How the fuck did a cat wind up in my closet anyway?"

"Brian, she must have come in when I left the door open this morning," Justin supplied a plausible explanation for the party crasher.

"But why MY closet?"

"Honey, it was her time and she was looking for someplace warm and safe," Emmett answered.

"In MY closet?" Brian's voice went up an octave. There were scattered giggles throughout the bedroom. "So what now?"

"Nothing, we wait till she's finished. She must belong to someone. I think I see a collar. When she lets us, we can look for a tag. In the meantime, I say we party."

"Hey Bri, great party favors," Hunter snarked.

"Shut. Up." Justin glared. "Brian, I don't remember seeing Hunter's name on my guest list." Justin glared at his rival. Brian snorted then turned his attention back to the nursery in his closet.

"I think it's appropriate," Ben spoke up who, up until now, was rather quiet about the whole scenario.

"What is?" Michael asked his spouse.

"What better way to celebrate a birthday than with a birth?" Ben looked self satisfied then chuckled at Brian's obvious discomfort.

"We are not celebrating a birthday," Brian glared.

"Oh, then what are we doing here?" Debbie glared back.

"Celebrating Justin's growth from twink to full ledged homo," Brian stated with his usual arrogance.

"Uh huh, well it looks like a fucking birthday party to me and I think it's time for cake and ice cream." Debbie got up and went back inside to tend to her cake and to dish out the ice cream. Several of the guests went with her. Someone turned on the stereo and the party resumed. They all took turns standing vigil by the closet door.

"Brian, can you come here a minute?" Emmett stood at the steps with a frown on his face. Sensing something was wrong Brian slowly went to Emmett.

"What's wrong?" Brian whispered.

"I don't want to say it out loud but I think mama is having difficulties and I think one of her babies is dead." Brian paled but followed Emmett back to the closet. Someone had brought a desk lamp over to lend more light to the situation. Brian could see mama cat panting hard, three babies were suckling at her teats and one lay on the closet floor still in its sack, not moving.

"What should we do with that?" Brian pointed to the dead kitten.

"Get rid of it," Emmett said sadly. "I think mama is trying to push out another one."

Brian reached in with a towel and gently wrapping up the dead baby as mama cat gave birth to her last kitten. This one came out with a little splash and mama did her thing of licking and cleaning the kitten to life. The exhausted little mama cat laid back as the newborn wriggled its way to a teat. As it latched on, Emmett and Brian could hear mama purring loudly and contentedly.

"Is she done?" Brian asked softly as he cradling the cold little burden in the towel.

"I think so. We'll have to go to the store later to pick up some cat supplies and food. Brian looked up in horror. He knew nothing about the care and feeding of animals. He barely got used to the care and feeding of twinks. "Don't worry, I'll help," Emmett stated. Brian nodded gratefully. They both looked back into the closet; mother and babies were doing well. They were about to dispose of the little lost soul when Brian felt something moving in his hand.

"Fuck! I think it's not dead!" Brian stared at his hand.

"Rub it!" Emmett shouted.


"Rub it, in the towel between your hands, it may still have a chance!" Emmett's shouts brought the gang back into Brian's bedroom as Brian sat on the floor vigorously rubbing the towel against the kitten.

"What's going on?" Justin shouted above everyone else.

"Kitty, CPR!" Emmett shouted back.

"Shhh! Shh!" Debbie got everyone to quiet down as Brian concentrated on rubbing away the thin membrane that surrounded the kitten. He gently blew air around the tiny nose.

"Shit! Shit! Shit!" Brian murmured as the little creature struggled for life.

"What should we do?" Michael cried. Ben placed his large arm around Michael's shoulders in comfort.

"There's nothing we can do. If it wants to live, it will." Ben had tears in his eyes as did everyone else.

"Breathe, you little shit, breathe!" Brian kept rubbing and blowing air. Justin was at his side, pleading with moist blue eyes as Brian valiantly struggled to keep the kitten alive.

Mama and babies seemed to know what was happening. The purring stopped as mama let out a loud meow, her tiny babies mewled in concert lending their support for the little kitten.

"Brian," Emmett said softly, "let me look." Brian opened his hands and looked down at his tiny charge. Emmett gently moved back the toweling to examine the baby then he let out a loud gasp.

"It's breathing!" Emmett cried out with joy. "You did it! It's breathing!" Emmett took the baby and placed it near its mother. Slowly it wormed its way to a teat and began to suck. Mama cat purred loudly then closed her eyes.

"Brian, you did it!" Emmett threw his arms around the emotionally and physically exhausted Brian. He and Justin led Brian into the bathroom to clean up. A cheer went up throughout the loft and the party recommenced. Justin and Emmett led the shell-shocked Brian out to the living room. Someone stuck a large cold beer in his hand. Shakily, Brian brought the bottle to his lips for a long pull.

After a while Brian stopped shaking and he even managed a little cake and ice cream. Several hours later, the party-goers helped Emmett clean up. The leftovers were stored and the guests were on their way home.

"You certainly know how to throw a party!" Debbie laughed. "You done good, kiddo." She kissed Brian on the cheek then gave Justin a birthday hug. "Happy birthday, Sunshine."

Michael clapped Brian on the back then gave him a kiss. "Great party, Bri. Happy Birthday, Boy Wonder." Michael joined his mother waiting at the door.

"Update me on the kittens," Ben said as he gave Brian and Justin hugs.

"Hey, can I have one," Hunter asked, "when they're ready, I mean." Justin glared as Brian shrugged. "Good night, hot stuff, you too, blondie." Hunter let out a laugh as Justin grumbled a 'fuck you.' The Bruckner-Novotny family went home.

"See you Monday, Boss. I had a great time. This certainly will go down as the most unusual party that this loft has ever seen. Wait till Liberty Avenue hears about it!" Ted laughed as Brian turned a little green. Justin let out a nervous giggle.

The rest of their guests filed out leaving Emmett in the loft. He had gone back into the bedroom to check on the new family.

"Well, boys, I'm happy to report that mother and all her babies are doing just fine. If you give me a key, I'll be back early tomorrow with kitty supplies. They're going to be your guests for several weeks. Justin, you should post a sign by the mailboxes. I'm sure she belongs to one of the tenants."

Justin nodded, "Tomorrow, Em and thank you, I had fun."

"So did I, honey. Brian, you're awfully quiet, you okay?" Brian had been very quiet since he helped to bring the little kitten back from the dead. "A little overwhelming, isn't it?"

"Yes," Brian whispered.

Emmett gave his friend a supportive hug. "As Debbie said, you did good."

Justin gave Emmett an extra set of keys then showed Emmett out. "Thank you, Emmett. I think I can handle it from here."

"Are you sure, Justin? I can sack out on the sofa if you want."

"No, it'll be fine. We'll take a shower then go to bed. The big guy needs a little peace and quiet."

"And the loving touch of his partner?" Emmett's eyes shone with unshed tears.

"Yeah, I can do that."

"I bet you can, honey. I'll see you in the morning." Emmett left and Justin secured the loft for the night.

Silently, Justin led his man into the bathroom, where the warmth of the water and the warmth of Justin's talented mouth made magic. Brian felt like himself again.

The lovers lay cuddled together in their bed, Brian had planned a celebratory fuck but the occupants of his closet put a slight damper on his ardor. Justin rolled on top of Brian to gaze into his eyes.

"You okay, big guy?" Justin's eyes were bright with love. Brian kissed his nose.

"I'm fine."

"You up to giving me a nine inch birthday present?" Justin waggled his eyebrows.

"In a minute."

"Hey, you sure you're okay?" Justin suddenly became concerned. Brian looked a bit vulnerable. Brian ignored the question.

"Justin, I'm not good at buying presents, I was going to take you shopping for whatever you wanted."

"I don't need anything; the party was present enough. That was a big step for you. Besides, I think I got enough presents." Justin nodded toward the dining table that was laden with his birthday loot.

"Perhaps." Brian felt like he cheated Justin out of a gift. This was a significant time for Justin. Brian tightened his hold around Justin.

"Bri, do you really want to give me something?"

"Yeah," Brian whispered softly.

"Can I keep one of the kittens? That is if the owner doesn't mind. Emmett is going to bring over cat supplies tomorrow and when the cat goes home we'd just have to throw it all out. It would be a shame to waste it all." Justin made lazy circles on Brian's chest with his finger hoping Brian would say yes. "Consider it a birthday present."

"Since when are you interested in pussy?" Brian snarked as he looked into Justin's sparkling eyes.

"Today I am a man," Justin quipped then yelped as Brian smacked his ass. Their eyes grew dark with lust.

"A man, eh. Let's see how much of a man you really are." Brian fished out a condom and lube from the bedside table and pressed them into Justin's hand.

"You mean I get to..." Brian smirked as he rolled over. "Yee Haw!" Justin's dick did a little 'I get to fuck Brian Kinney dance' as he rolled on the condom and slathered himself with lube.

"Cum to papa!" Justin said as he pushed his way into Brian. Brian answered with a little squeak.

Happy Birthday, Moonshadow Tribe!


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