Well, Hello Sweetheart!


He was new in town, a transfer student waiting to start at Carnegie Mellon in the Fall. He thought he’d check out his first Pittsburgh Pride. Liberty Avenue was packed with all manner of queers and supporters having fun on this hot June day.

“Well, hello, Sweetheart!” the most gorgeous man he had ever seen called out to him. He was more than willing to go with him until a pretty blond woman plopped a baby into the man’s arms. He made a face of disgust then moved on to simpler pastures.

It was weeks later when he went to Babylon that he discovered just what he had passed up. To spend a moment in time with Pittsburgh’s most notorious top. He watched the gorgeous man dance with a cute little blond then drag him willingly into the back room.

He left Babylon kicking himself in the ass all the way home.

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