Spike II   (post 513)


This is the link to the time-lapse video of “Spike II.”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZplQaKLBaQ



Brian slowly walked up the stairs that lead to his loft instead of taking the elevator.  As he reached his floor, he swore a physically improbable threat regarding the inner workings of said elevator and the soon to be ex-building maintenance man.  He stood in front of his apartment for a moment, allowing all the bad vibes to dissipate before pulling back the door.  Brian had had a long hard but profitable day at Kinnetik and was looking forward to an equally long hard night with his artist who was currently in residence.

The boys were not yet living together full time but with each of Justin’s visits, their commitment to each other grew stronger.  Equally growing strong was Justin’s popularity and connections within the art world. 

They knew it was only a matter of time.

When Brian stepped inside he expected, he wasn’t quite sure what he expected.  Maybe the smell of turpentine or ear shattering music or the gentle aroma of something bubbling on the stove.  What he got was silence.  Brian’s heart took an elevator to his stomach.  Perhaps his artist was not in residence after all.  Anything was possible.

“Justin?”  Brian called out.

“In here,” came a lazy reply.  Brian’s heart took an express back into his chest.

“What are you watching?”  Brian asked as he walked into the alcove.  Justin was laying on the new loveseat watching YouTube.  He raised his head allowing Brian to sit then pillowed himself on Brian’s lap.  Brian gently ran his fingers through Justin’s hair.

“A corpse plant.”

“I see,” Brian stated, noting that this plant looked like it was faring better than Spike.  Spike was the first corpse plant that got Justin’s attention a few years earlier.  “And how is this new Spike doing?”

“He bloomed.”

“Is that what you call it?”


Brian studied the screen for a while as he continued carding his fingers through Justin’s soft locks.   Judging by the enthusiasm of the crowd, this new plant was rapidly gaining fans.

“What do want for dinner?”  Brian asked, receiving soft snores in return.   

Brian sighed as he focused his attention to the rare plant on the screen then back to the rare young man peacefully sleeping with his head cradled on Brian’s lap.

Perhaps their time was closer than they thought.



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