"Is That All There Is?"

Author's Note:  Inspired by Peggy Lee




It was two in the morning about a week after Valentineís Day. Brian was staring out of the loft windows toward the street below. The night was cloudy. And the large bouquet of flowers in the crystal vase sitting on the desk was beginning to wither and fade.

On February 14th, in an unsolicited ridiculously romantic moment, he finally bought those roses for Justin. And no, he didnít get them at the corner bodega nor did he allow his fingers to do the walking across the keyboard of his computer. Brian Kinney ex-stud of Liberty Avenue walked into a florist to personally select a combination of roses and exotic orchids for his partner. He then went to an authentic Hallmark store to purchase the perfect Valentineís Day card. He even got a card for his son.

The result of his very thoughtful gift was just as he expected. Justin was all over Brian like white on rice. Brian was made love to every which way including up. Brian took care to make love to Justin as well. And then after several rounds of passionate lovemaking they fucked themselves silly.

Justinís appreciation of Brianís grand gesture extended into the following week. Brian graciously put up with the "I love you" post-it notes in his brief case, the "thinking of you" emails and the "fuck me through the mattress" texts.

All in all, Brian thought he could get used to this hetero non-holiday.

"Hey," Justin said as he padded into the living room in search of his mate. He was wrapped in a sheet to keep the chill off. "You okay?"

"Iím fine," Brian replied softly as he drew the younger man close. Justin hugged Brianís trim waist.

"Couldnít sleep?" Justin asked as he looked up into Brianís eyes. Brian just shrugged then kissed the top of Justinís head.

"Just thinking."

"About anything in particular?" When Brian hesitated, Justin pressed him. "Bri, weíve been together for a very long time, you can tell me anything."

"I know I can," Brian whispered as if any louder sounds would break the magic spell of their life together. Brian and Justin had indeed, been together for a very long time.

Brian turned toward the vase, the gentle sound of a dried rose petal falling off a withered bloom and landing on the desk, caught his attention.

"Is that all there is?"


"Is that all there is, Sunshine? Does love wither and die like these roses?"

"Sometimes," came the unexpected response. "Weíve seen it happen all too frequently. But not us." Justinís smile was blinding.

"No, not us," Brian sighed contentedly. The man he has loved for more than thirty years was in his arms and thatís all that mattered.

"You do know that I really loved the flowers but they werenít necessary." Brian knew but it was the act of giving, that was important. "So, in answer to your question, no that isnít all there is," Justin said as he slipped his arms around Brianís neck taking their dancing stance. Then to the unheard music, Brian and Justin slowly danced around the loft. When their dance ended, hand in hand, the lovers, partners for life went back to bed.

As the lovers snuggled, drifting off into a peaceful sleep, the clouds parted. A single moon beam slipped between the drapes and fell onto the one surviving bloom. That isnít all there is, there is so much more.


"Is that all there is, is that all there is

If that's all there is my friends, then let's keep dancing

Let's break out the booze and have a ball

If that's all there is"


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