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"I think it's about time we do it, Sunshine."

"No, Brian."

"No, Brian? Since when do you say no to me?"

"Since you want to break with tradition."

"I'm not breaking tradition, just altering it a little."

"There will be no alteration of this tradition. You can alter plans, you can alter menus, you can even alter every fucking Armani suit in your new Spring collection. But you will NOT alter this tradition."

"And who appointed you the keeper of this tradition?"

"I did."

"Okaaay. Need I remind you what happens every year that we observe this particular tradition? About the inevitable consequences?"

"No need. I am fully cognizant of the full repercussions, however my mind is made up. We will not alter this tradition."

"Your mind is made up."

"Yes, it is."

"You assume full responsibility for the aftermath?"

"Yes I do."

"Then I wash my hands of the whole thing."

"Fine but you are going to help me pick one out and help me put it up and decorate it?"

"Of course, Sunshine. I may want an artificial tree; however, since we're getting our traditional real tree, I will follow our tradition and help you decorate. I just draw the line at vacuuming up pine needles for the next six months. That honor falls solely to you."

"Fair enough, Brian. Some traditions are worth a little sacrifice. Can we kiss on it?"

"Of course we can, it is tradition!"

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