Eye Hooks


"Shit-Fuck!" Brian cursed as he lost his grip on the pliers and managed to pinch his fingers. "Damn it!" he yelled, dropping the accursed pliers to the floor.

"Brian, whatís wrong?" Justin asked with concern as he quickly joined his lover in the bedroom.

"I canít get this eye hook out and now my fingers are bleeding," Brian answered still muttering curses and holding up his injured hand like a lion with a wounded paw for Justin to examine.

"Letís clean off your hand and put a bandage on it. Then Iíll look at your eye hooks."

Justin led his injured mate to the bathroom. As Brian washed his hands, Justin took out their first aid kit. Sitting on the toilet seat, Brian looked pitiful as Justin tended to his boo-boo.

"So whatís wrong with the old hooks?" Justin asked as he examined a perfectly good hook.

"The holeís too narrow. I wanted to replace them with these," Brian said as he placed four brand new, bigger and somewhat elegant, eye hooks in Justinís hand.

"Designer eye hooks?" Justin asked rhetorically with a shake of his head. Brian shrugged and smiled smugly. "Have you ever heard that if it ainít broke, donít fix it? There is nothing wrong with the old hooks."

"But they wonít accommodate these," Brian said with a waggle of eyebrows as he produced four deep blue, silk rope, curtain tie backs. The color perfectly matched their duvet. The tie backs were extremely soft but sturdy, done in a tight twisted pattern.

Justin stared at the tie backs then at the old hooks that were discreetly screwed into the sides of the bed frame and then at the new hooks with the eyes wide enough for the thick silk rope to fit through. He immediately got down on his knees, picked up the fallen pliers and got to work.

"Now all you have to remember is lefty loosey and righty tighty!"

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