No Foolin'


[Post 513]

Justin casually strolled into Brian’s office at Kinnetik. His heavy duffle bag landed by the doorway with a loud thud. He walked over to the sofa grouping in the middle of the room then plopped himself down.

Brian watched Justin’s progress from his desk. His eyes just seen above his computer screen.

“Hey,” Justin said as he picked up one of the trendy magazines off the coffee table and supposedly began to take interest in an article.

“Hey,” Brian replied as his eyes returned to the screen.

They sat in silence, each man seemingly engrossed in their own pursuits.

As Justin read, Brian noted Justin’s appearance. He was perhaps a little thinner but that came from pounding those city streets on a regular basis. His style of clothing hadn’t changed, t-shirt, hoodie, and cargo pants. Brian rolled his eyes. But at closer inspection, the material was just a tad better in quality and if he wasn’t mistaken, and Brian never made that kind of mistake, Justin’s ensemble actually had a designer flair about it.

Brian snorted quietly to himself as his eyes drifted to his desk calendar to verify the date.

Justin tossed the magazine down onto the coffee table stretching the kinks out of his neck and back.

“The alarm code the same?” Justin asked as he glanced at his calendar watch noting the date.


Justin stood up to leave.

“That drawer still empty?”

“Yes,” Brian answered as he felt his pulse rate quicken.

Justin walked to the door, bending slightly to retrieve his duffle bag.

“Thai with cashews and shrimp?” Justin asked from the doorway, hoping for the right answer.


“Later,” Justin said as he strolled out sporting a very big smile.

“Later,” Brian mumbled from behind the monitor. The same monitor that hid his smile.


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