After 513, Still Fireworks



Brian drove out to Britin to escape the city and the noise. Or so he claimed to his friends and family that kept blowing up his phones with their constant invitations and pleas to join them to celebrate the holiday. Brian would hear nothing of it. He despised most holidays unless it meant spending time with his son. July Fourth wasn’t one of those holidays, so Brian was on the road.

For some unknown reason, three years after Justin left for New York, Brian still hung onto Britin. He spent weekends there, rented it to wealthy gay couples who wanted an elegant place for private functions and used several of the rooms and the grounds for photo shoots. Britin wasn’t a total loss, just not being used as Brian had intended. Still, Brian kept the huge mansion and although he would never admit it, he kept hope well buried in his heart.

As was his habit, Brian phoned ahead to his caretaker to let her know that he was coming, so Brian wasn’t alarmed to see lights blazing in the big house as he drove up the long driveway. But there was something odd about the lights. He garaged his car then went inside.

“Hello?” Brian called out when he saw a gold sparkler stuck in a cupcake spitting out its golden light. It was sitting on the kitchen table. As he walked through the kitchen into the main dining room, Brian found several more cupcakes sparkling away in a neat line on the great table.

“What the fuck?” Brian murmured to himself.

As he made his way through each room following the blazing cupcakes, Brian refused to allow himself to indulge in a certain fantasy. He followed the trail up the main staircase and to the master bedroom. Gingerly he pushed open the bedroom door to find Justin naked on their bed framed by sparkling cupcakes on each bedside dresser.

“Are you fucking nuts,” Brian growled in an attempt to be menacing. Its effect was lost on Justin who just nonchalantly tugged on his dick. Brian’s own dick twitched in response. “You could have burned down the whole fucking house!”

“You’re insured.”

“Not for stupidity.”

“I can go blow them all out,” Justin purred. “But I’d rather blow you.”

In spite of the invitation, Brian did not advance any closer than just past the door.

“Why?” Brian asked. Justin’s knowledge of Brian-speak kicked in. He climbed down from the huge bed and approached as if Brian were a grizzly bear with an injured paw. Brian was injured and Justin knew he was the cause.

“Because, I did what I had to do, what you always wanted me to do. To be the best homosexual I can be. And now I’m home to celebrate my accomplishment.” Brian arched a brow as he studied the youthful face and found a certain maturity looking back at him. “I’m ready if you still want me.”

“Ready?” Cautious hazel eyes searched blue.

“To be your partner,” Justin said as he gently caressed Brian’s arms.

“You’ve been gone a long time. What if we don’t have sparks?”

“That’s not what you said three weeks ago when you visited me.”

“That was for a weekend. You’re talking commitment.”

“Believe it or not, we’ve been committed to each other in one way or another for eight years,” Justin stated. He waited for Brian to decide just as Brian always wanted Justin to decide.

“I’m not easy to live with,” Brian said after a while.

Justin smiled smugly as he translated Brian’s comment. “No, you’re not,” Justin said as he slowly turned, giving Brian full view of his ass while he sauntered back to the bed and with deliberate moves, climbed on. Brian’s reaction was immediate. “And neither am I. But I'm thinking we can make it work if we both work at it very very hard.”

Justin laid back against the duvet, tugging at his dick which was swelling and turning a deep pink. He closed his eyes as he leisurely played with himself. Justin let out a loud “oof” as a naked and hard Brian pounced on him.

“You’re cleaning up all the sparkler shit,” Brian demanded.

“I know,” Justin said, his eyes still closed and a smirk on his face.

“And don’t expect me to eat any of those cupcakes.”

“I won’t,” Justin promised, his smiled broadening.

“You’re awfully full of yourself,” Brian said as he began to nibble the creamy skin, working his way down.

“I’d rather be full of you,” Justin murmured as he gave himself over to Brian.

“I can arrange that,” Brian said, suddenly back at Justin’s face to plunder Justin’s mouth with his own.

Then the fireworks began...

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