Spring Rolls

Justin has a craving.

New May 5th 2012


A surprise can be a good thing, set post 513.

Brian and Justin's Household Tip #14

A new use for silk curtain tie backs.

Walking On Sunshine

Caught in the act, love wins.

Very Taxing

It's tax season.

A Fluffy New Year

The party's over, it's time to call it a day.

Precious Gifts

The Boys discuss presents.

Kiss It and Make It Better

Justin hurts and Brian makes it all better.

Gobble Gobble

Celebrating Thanksgiving with the boys.


Justin prepares for Halloween

Elephants and Ducks

Brian's take on animal psychology.


An attack of allergies are best when shared.

Sugar and Spice

Breakfast with our boys.

The Art of Loving

Soft brushes, soft touches, and lots of love.

Dance With Me

Dancing the B&J way.

Puffs of Fluff

A confession of sorts and the scent of love.

Is It Getting Warm In Here?

More Temperature Control.

A 4th Fluff

Brian wants to celebrate the 4th of July with Justin in his own way.

Raindrops on Roses

Justin asks Brian to go to the movies, a very special movie with unexpected results.

Brian's Plumbing

Brian has a problem with his pipes; Justin cums to the rescue.

The Secret Lust and Life of Todd!

Todd reveals his secrets to Brian and has makes an interesting proposal.

The Morning After

Brian combines cough medicine and wine with interesting results for Justin.

Toronto Terminal

Trouble at the Toronto Terminal for Brian & Justin.

Feeling Needy

As the title suggests, Justin is feeling needy and Brian fulfills his need.

Sunshine Blues

Justin has a bad case of Spring fever. Does Brian have a cure?


The boys have a fight.

New Year's Dilemma

What to do for New Years.


Birthday In Bed?

A birthday surprise is a good thing, isn't it?

Hot Hot Hot

A little fluff for the Fourth of July, set post 513.

The Reason

Brian has a good reason for what he does.


Brian's Easter Basket is raided!


B&J ponder the 'ifs' in their lives.


The boys reminisce about THAT cable show.

Christmas Miracles

A Christmas miracle for Brian.

Chasing Angels

Brian learns that some things are more important than his hardwood.

Soak Up The Sun

Sun bathing in November with our boys.

The Pajamas

Justin has found a new way to keep warm.

For The Love Of Justin

Brian's check list for a an evening with his man.

Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head

Too much rain, Brian finds the sun.

The Attic

Brian and Justin clean out Debbie's attic and discover a bit of Brian's past.


Justin discovers Brian's indiscretion.

Labor Pains

How our boys celebrate another holiday.

Toes to Nose

Not quite the game of footsey; Brian returns home from a business trip to find his sleeping beauty

Cheese Doodling

There are snacks and then there are snacks.

Baby It's Cold Inside

Temperature control, the B&J way.

My Big Daddy!

Celebrating 'Daddy's Day, with B&J.

The End is Near

The boys contemplate the end of their favorite cable show series.

Happy Mother's Day, Brian

Brian gets a Mother's Day Card?

One Sticky Night

Dessert with the boys.

Hey Twenty-five: Do You Love Me?

         Q&A the Brian and Justin way.            

Yes Justin

Brian's being agreeable.

For the Love of Shopping

Brian and Justin take a shopping trip!

Black & Decker

The boys play Mr. Fixit.

One Sweet Wager

The boys make a little bet.

The Best Christmas Ever!

It's Christmas Day.

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