Individual Stories


An Old Fashioned Christmas

Written for the Moonshadow Nostalgia Holiday Challenge.

H is for Hell

Written for Moonshadow's Alphabet Challenge.

R is for Rat Bastard

Written for Moonshadow's Alphabet Challenge.

T is for Triple Agent

Written for Moonshadow's Alphabet Challenge.

Rat and Bear

Alex has had it with snow. Written for Moonshadow's Winter Blues Challenge.

Fright Night 

A shadowy figure visits. Written for Moonshadow's Scary Things Challenge.


The Rat arranges special fireworks for his Bear. Written for Moonshadow's Fireworks Challenge.

The Truth WAS Out There : The Aftermath  

The case of the disappearing base. Written for the Moonshadow Aftermath Challenge.

About Growing Older 2...

Walter and Alex decide that getting older has its benefits. Written for the Wit and Wisdom of Will Rogers Challenge.

Shut Up

Walter undertakes some new projects. Written for the Wit and Wisdom of Will Rogers Challenge.

I Come In Pieces

Alex and Walter have to deal with some runaway gadgets. Written for the It Seemed Like a Good Idea...Challenge.

Is That a Shamrock in Your Pocket...

Walter returns home to find things looking very much like St. Patrick's Day. Written for the St. Patrick's Day Challenge.

The Rat, The Mouse, The Fox...

Alex Krycek looks into some old X-Files.  Written for the One That Got Away Challenge. 

There Can Be Only One

 Crossover with QAF.

What Do You Get...?

What do you get for someone who doesn't want anything? Written for the 2010 Holiday Challenge.

I Trip a Trip a Trip a Trip!

Krycek has an accident. Written for the Tripping Challenge.

Weed Assassin

 Alex is on a mission.

Bearly a Valentine

A snowstorm leads to a recognition of Valentine's Day.  Written for Moonshadow's 2010 Valentine Challenge.


Walter and Alex try to find the perfect gift for each other.  Written for the Christmas Gift Challenge.

Let Me Count the Ways

Mulder calls the home of Skinner and Krycek.  Written for the One in a Million Challenge.

A Clear Conscience is Usually the Sign of a Bad Memory

Alex has a bout of conscience.  Written for the 'Something to Think About' Challenge

The Rocky Road

 Alex does his best to help Skinner overcome his addiction.  Written for the Junk Food Challenge.

We've Only Just Begun

Rat/Bear Universe - Alex gets called back to duty. Written for the April Fool's Challenge.

My Pinup Bear

Set in the Rat and Bear Universe, Walter becomes a pinup boy. Written for the Hat Challenge.

A Traditional Time of Year

Set in the Rat and Bear Universe, Alex and Walter start a new tradition. Written for the Christmas Traditions Challenge.

From the Spoils of War, Comes Hope

 Alex and Walter celebrate Veterans' Day.  Written for the Prequel Challenge.

I Believe

 A strange occurrence is noted by Walter and Alex.  Written for the Balloon Challenge.

Cock and Hot Nuts

 An interesting menu for dinner

We'll Have a Blue, Blue Christmas

 Written for the Tribe's Colors of Christmas Challenge


 Written for the Tribe's Fifth Anniversary Challenge

The Cat Blew Up ... Continues

 Written for the Cat Blew Up Challenge


Queer As Folk/X-Files Crossover Written for the Crossover Challenge


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