Is That A Shamrock In Your Pocket...



“Alex? Alex?” Walter called out for his partner. He dropped his bags by the door to search their ranch house. Walter had just flown in from DC and was expecting a warmer welcome home than just his own voice echoing throughout the house.

“What the hell?” Walter took a good look around the living room and noticed several small ceramic planters each packed with little green budding plants. He picked up one planter that was in the shape of a green glazed upside down Leprechaun’s hat. Walter gently fingered the green buds.

“Walter, you’re home early!” Alex exclaimed, walking in through the kitchen door, giving his bear of a man a fierce hug. “You’re in time for breakfast.”

“I caught an earlier flight,” Walter said, returning the hug then giving his partner a proper kiss hello. “The director of the NSA says thank you, by the way. Should I ask?” Walter tossed a pointed look at his rat.

“Nope,” Alex replied, smiling, showing his dimples. His jade green eyes sparkled with mischief.

“Un huh,” Walter mumbled, knowing when not to pursue it. There were only a select few in the world that knew for sure that Alex was alive and well. It was best for the world and Alex if it was kept that way.

“Can I ask about these?” Walter held up a planter. Alex nervously giggled and blushed. “Oh boy,” Walter said with horror in his voice. “I think I better sit down.” Walter put the planter down then sat on the sofa. “Start from the beginning please.”

“I got a call from the Gunmen...”

“Wait!” Walter put up his hands, shot up from the sofa, poured himself a shot of bourbon, drank it down then sat back on the sofa. It had to be after five somewhere in the world. “Report,” he ordered.

“As you know, the Gunmen have had access to certain technologies and they’ve been sharing the wealth, so to speak,” Alex began to explain.

“Elaborate, please,” Walter growled as Alex picked up one of the flowerpots.

“In this case, cloning technology,” Alex stated.

Walter groaned. “Alex...”

“Walter, cloning has been around for decades, get over it. It’s just with a little help from our friends, the process has been pushed forward and perfected a little more.” Alex waved his left hand skyward when he said the word, friends.

Walter realized just what friends Alex was referring to. He reached forward, taking Alex’s left hand into his own and gratefully kissing the palm.
“What does this have to do with whatever is growing in these pots?”

“Clover,” Alex deadpanned.


“Yes, as in four-leafed clover,” Alex replied.

“Clover,” Walter repeated. “You’re growing clover plants in our living room.”

“No, I’m growing clover in those dusty rocky areas in our yard. It makes great ground cover and prevents erosion. You’re always complaining that we can’t sit out back during dry spells because of the dust. Plus, there are other uses for clover.”

“Really? Educate me,” Walter snarked.

“My pleasure,” Alex ignored the sarcasm. “Clover, in it’s many strains and varieties, has medicinal uses as well as being edible.”

“I never knew that,” Walter said sincerely as he contemplated Alex’s information.

“The Gunmen have been sharing the process with various scientists around the world and they asked me to plant some.”

“Very altruistic of you,” Walter commented.

“And the girls seem to like it.” Alex added with twinkling eyes.

“The mean the chickens?!” Walter shouted. Again, Walter shot up from the sofa then raced to the kitchen door that led out into their barnyard.

“ALEX!” Walter bellowed. He swore he heard Alex snicker.

“Yes, Walter,” Alex replied, making Walter jump as the ex-spy(?) silently sidled up next to him.

“What happened to the chickens?” Walter asked flatly.

“Just a minor reaction to the new clover,” Alex said.

Walter stared out at the yard. Most of the soil was now covered in lush green clover. It really was very pretty and soothing to the eye until he saw the chickens in their own coop yard. Even though Alex had limited his planting areas, this particularly ‘enhanced’ clover appeared to have a mind of its own, replicating at will. It decided to take over the dirt by the chicken coop. The chickens didn’t seem to mind. They were happily pecking at the mature clover that had gone to seed and at the flowering plants as well.

“They’re green, Alex.”

“Yes, well, as I said, it’s a minor reaction to the hybrid clover. The scientists are working on it and the Gunmen assured me that they’ll change back. Eventually.”

“We have green chickens.”

“Yes, Walter.”


“Yes, Walter.”

“What if someone sees them?” Walter squeaked out in an octave higher.

“Unlikely; we are way off the beaten path.” Walter glowered at Alex. “But in that event, you can just say it was a practical joke on my part to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.”

“Alex, we are so far from being Irish, no one would ever believe it.” Walter Sergi Skinner’s background was Germanic and Slavic. Alex Krycek's official bio stated he was Russian but with Alex, no one knew the truth.

Just then Alex rattled off something in Gaelic.

“Oh no!” Walter groaned.

Alex giggled, his not so Irish eyes laughing. “Don’t worry about it, Walter,” Alex said gently as he led Walter back into the house.

Walter’s penchant for order was momentarily put on the back burner. His bags were still where he dropped them; they would have to wait. Walter was still too stunned to deal with them. He sat at the kitchen table as Alex washed his hands at the sink and puttered about.

“Coffee?” Alex asked as he prepared the coffee maker. He took out the fixings to make breakfast, corned beef hash and eggs.

“Yes, please. I think I need it,” Walter moaned. “Um, Alex, I think we have a visitor,” Walter said after a while as the comforting aroma of a home cooked breakfast wafted through the kitchen.

Alex followed Walter’s gaze. Standing in their door way was the little fox Alex had rescued from a forest fire and who had taken up residence in their barn. Alex often gave the fox eggs as a treat. He was looking for a handout.

“Uh, Alex, why is the fox green?” Walter asked. Alex laughed as he placed a dish of green eggs and hash in front of his bear.




Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Walter and Alex!

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