T is for Triple Agent


“Where are you going?” came the deep baritone of Alex’s lover Walter Skinner. Alex knew his skills were slipping. In the old days no one would have heard him moving around.

Alex had gotten word of a clone lab supposedly still in use and spitting out killer clones with the sole purpose of assassinating key members of the FBI. Current and former agents were on a hit list. Alex needed to verify the report then excise the threat.

“And no, your powers of stealth aren’t slipping,” Walter began, almost reading Alex’s mind. “I just know how you think.”

Alex silently cursed.  Flipping on the light switch in their bedroom Alex turned to face his lover and the music. “I have to go.”

“I know that. The question is why do you have to do this alone?”

“Because, I do. And what do you know about it?”

“Nothing, I just know the signs of an agent preparing for a mission. You forget what I did for a living. Now answer the question, why do you have to do this alone?”

“Because my code of ethics is different from yours. I won’t hesitate to take out a hostile target.”

“Alex, I know how to use a gun. I’ve killed.”

“Yes, you have but they were only sanctioned targets or when there was an imminent threat. My mission is to remove the threat from the source.”

“What does that mean?”

“Destroy the lab and whoever is running it. I can’t have you there.”

“I know how to set a timer and use C4.”

“I’m sure you do but I won’t be able to concentrate with you there.”

“Because we’re lovers?” Walter asked with a warm smile. Alex’s heart melted; for a moment he felt the shift within himself from assassin back to human being and lover.

“That, and you’re a target.”

“Me? Why me?”

“Unknown. That’s part of the mission to find out who wants you dead along with the other targets.”

“Who are the other targets?” Alex gave Walter a poignant look. “No. Shit. They’ve been out of the game for years. Who would want to take out Mulder and Scully now?”

“Again, unknown which is why I have to leave and leave now.” Alex rechecked his backpack. He was traveling light with only the tools he’d need to do the job.

“Can I at least drive you to the airport?” Walter asked with a resigned sigh. “I’m feeling helpless here.”

“No, but if you really want to do something then call the Mulders and get yourself an invitation to visit them for a while. It’s William’s birthday soon. Use that as an excuse. Get the Gunmen there too. While I’m working, you guard them,” Alex instructed in a cool calculating manner.

Deciding it was better to go with the plan than try to argue with Alex, Walter agreed.

Then Alex disappeared into the night.

“Uncle Walter, where is Uncle Alex?” Little William asked. Walter had been staying with Mulder and Scully a little over a month. He had been upfront with them, telling them the truth of the situation almost from the moment he arrived at their home. The Gunmen were staying close in a nearby motel. They were all waiting for news from Alex.

“Well, little man, Uncle Alex is working,” Walter explained.


“Yes. He’s on a very secret mission,” Walter whispered loudly so that his parents could hear.

“What kind of mission?” William whispered back.

“A spy mission. Uncle Alex is a very special kind of spy, the kind of spy that pretends to be the enemy but isn’t.”

“Ooohh! Like a double agent?”

“Something like that,” Walter said.

“More like a triple rat bastard agent,” Mulder murmured none too quietly.

“You said a bad word, Daddy,” William chided his dad.

“Yes, I did and I apologize,” Mulder said as he scooped up his son. “Now it’s time for all triple agents to take a bath and go to bed.”

“Does that mean me too?” Alex said as he stood in the doorway. No one had heard him come in.

“Alex!” both Walter and Mulder called out, stunned and surprised to see the man standing there.

“Are you done working, Uncle Alex?” William innocently asked.

“Yes, I am,” Alex assured the boy who was safe in his father’s arms. Alex tickled the kid under his chin making William giggle.

“Did you get the bad people?” William asked as Mulder was about to carry him upstairs for his bath.

“Yes I did. The bad people won’t be hurting anyone,” Alex assured the child, and the adults.

“Good,” William said from over Mulder’s shoulders, waving at Alex as they went up the stairs.

“Good,” Walter repeated as he took the triple agent into his arms for a proper hello. “Are you in one piece?” Walter asked when they came up for breath.

“Yes I am, but I could use a bath too,” Alex said with a weary smile.

“We could wait until William is finished. Or we could find out if there are any vacancies in that motel the Gunmen are staying in.”

“Motel sounds like heaven.”

“Motel it is.”

Walter and Alex said their goodbyes then left.

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