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“Krycek, where are you taking me?” Skinner growled as Krycek drove his old pickup truck steadily toward the mountains.

“Trust,” was all that Krycek said as he turned off the main road and maneuvered the truck up a narrow pass through the trees heading for higher ground.

“Why doesn’t that instill me with confidence,” Skinner grumbled. The sun was setting, and in Skinner’s estimation, the truck’s headlights did not afford enough light to clearly see the road. Krycek hadn’t slowed as the trail narrowed.

“Are you nuts?” Skinner shouted after a while when Krycek screeched the truck to a halt kicking up dust and pebbles. Krycek turned his head not daring to laugh but Skinner could see a mischievous gleam in Krycek’s emerald green eyes.

“Come on,” Krycek commanded as he turned off the ignition then jumped out of the truck.

“I refuse to go traipsing though the woods in the middle of the night until you explain what the fuck we’re doing out here! What if we walk off a cliff,” Skinner huffed as he remained in the truck with his arms crossed across his chest.

Krycek sighed as he opened the passenger side door so that he could lean in close to his lover.

“Walter, if lightning hadn’t struck the chicken coop, practically destroying it, requiring us to work all day and most of the evening to repair it, where would we have been tonight?” Alex asked softly as he gently stroked the side of Walter’s cheek.

“We would have been in the center of town with the rest of our friends and neighbors enjoying the Fourth of July celebration,” Walter said as his anger quickly dissipated with every touch of Alex’s fingers.

“Right. So I consulted the universe and arranged a special light show for you,” Alex murmured against Walter’s lips. Alex took gentle nibbles then licked Walter’s lips before kissing him.

“Special show?” Walter asked when the blood flowed back to his brain.

“Yes, so come with me,” Alex urged as he held out his hand. Walter took it as he climbed out of the truck.

“Where are we going?” Walter asked in a much calmer manner.

“Not too far, to a small clearing and I promise, there are no cliffs to surprise us,” Alex proclaimed with smiling eyes.

Walter nodded then followed along without argument. Alex drew out a small flashlight from his pocket to light their way. When they came upon a small clearing that gave them an unobstructed view of the sky, Alex had them stop.

“We’re here?” Walter asked.

“Yes,” Alex replied. He briefly checked his watch then closed his eyes. Walter stared with curiosity at Alex as he took a deep breath and hummed a low monotonous tone. Just as Walter was about to question Alex, Alex opened his eyes, smiled at Walter then pointed up.

“What am I looking for?” Walter quietly asked.

“Patience,” Alex said as he continued to look up. “There. Watch.”

Walter gazed up at the clear star-filled sky when suddenly a bright light streaked across it. Then another and another until hundreds of streaking lights filled the night sky. As the meteors struck, bounced off and fizzled in the atmosphere, Walter thought he could almost hear their explosions.

“How did you know?”

“Shhh,” Alex replied. “Wait.” Soon a low humming was heard which became louder.

“What is that?” Walter whispered not believing what his eyes were seeing. Something huge blocked out the stars. Squinting, Walter noticed dozens of smaller objects that seemed to fly out from the larger thing. Walter refused to call the object hovering over them an alien spaceship or worse a flying saucer even though it resembled one. The smaller flying things began to flash brightly colored lights of all hues as they danced across the sky.

“Is that...”

“Yes,” Alex murmured. His eyes were closed again as Alex gently swayed in time to some unheard music. Walter was torn between watching the alien show in the sky and watching Alex. Walter swore that Alex was communing with whatever or whoever was in charge of the light show.

“A little more,” Alex whispered. Walter wasn’t sure to whom Alex directed his plea. Just then the sky exploded with color in the form of an aurora borealis. Walter gasped with shock and awe.

Then as quickly as the fireworks began, it ended. In silence, Alex led Walter off the mountain then drove them home.




“Alex, are you all right?” Walter asked as they got ready for bed. Alex was very quiet, more quiet even for Alex. But it had been a long day of hard physical labor with a highly unusual end, Walter rationalized.

“I’m fine, love,” Alex replied with a tired but serene smile as they climbed into their bed under cool sheets, snuggling close. “I wasn’t sure it was going to work.”

“Am I allowed to ask what exactly did you do?” Walter ventured. He knew Alex had developed some unusual relationships with the alien resistance and that the black oil had unique side effects on Alex. Walter took it on faith that Alex knew what he was doing.

“I asked the ship to come out of hiding,” Alex confided. “I gave myself a slight headache.”

“For me?” Walter asked as he turned to see Alex’s face. Walter teased Alex by poking at his pixie nose. Alex grabbed the offending digit and took a gentle bite.

“No, for Mulder; of course for you. Did you enjoy it?”

“You know I did. But the next time you decide to risk a migraine by using your noggin to call down ships, ask me first. I can think of other ways of creating a fireworks show,” Walter cooed as he trailed his hand down Alex’s chest to his groin. Walter continued his ministrations when he heard an appreciative groan from Alex.

“So are you up for creating a few sparks before we go to sleep?” Walter asked as he gave Alex’s cock a little tug.

“I’m up! I am so up,” Alex chuckled as he was covered by his muscle-bound bear.

As Walter and Alex made love the sky over their ranch house lit up with color.

Cue in the X-File theme.


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