I Trip a Trip a Trip a Trip!


Walter Skinner drove his truck up his graveled driveway and around toward the kitchen door. Once every other month he and his life partner, Alex Krycek, would drive into the city to buy bulk items such as laundry detergent, chicken feed, and fence wire. Big stuff that they couldn’t get at the general store in town. Today, Walter made the trek alone. As Walter approached the door he heard the rare laughter of his partner. Cautiously so as not to startle the ‘retired’ assassin into action, Walter carefully opened the door and announced himself.

“Hi Alex. I’m home!” Walter observed that Alex had his foot propped up on pillows (and a gun at his side) while he was watching the TV. Alex had tripped over a chicken a few days prior; the injury made the assassin feel vulnerable. He was so angry that Walter was sure that they were going to have chicken for dinner that night.

“Hiya, Walter, you made good time,” Alex cheerfully replied as he pressed the ‘pause’ button on the remote.

“Yeah, I did. They had your favorite chocolate,” Walter said as he handed his lover the beloved candy bar. Walter received a broad smile in return.

“Do you want help unloading the truck?”

“No thank you, I can manage. You keep that foot propped up.”

“You sure?”

“I’m sure.”

“Um, Alex, what are you watching?” Walter asked before he went back outside. Alex patted the sofa cushion. Walter sat next to his lover as Alex pressed the ‘play’ button.

“Is that Daffy Duck?” Walter asked doing a double take at the screen and then at his lover. Quickly Walter took out his pocket knife. He flipped it open then grabbed the hand of the ‘Alex’ person sitting next to him. Alex laughed even louder and willingly gave Walter his hand, palm side up. Without a second thought, Walter pricked Alex’s palm then examined the blood. It was red.

“It’s Robin Hood Daffy, Walter. It’s one of my favorite cartoons,” the ex-spy stated with a child-like giggle that warmed and tickled Walter’s heart. Somewhere within the persona of the heartless killer was a boy who liked to watch cartoons.

Alex pressed a couple of buttons so that the cartoon could start at the beginning. “Watch with me,” Alex said as he broke his candy bar in two to share with his lover. Alex pointed to the screen as Daffy dressed in his green Robin Hood tights began his song then tripped down a hill tumbling off and into a lake. Porky Pig as Friar Tuck laughed hysterically at the soggy Daffy. The good Friar’s laughter was soon as infectious as Daffy, Alex and Walter started to laugh along with him.

“Yoiks and away, Walter!”

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