A special graduating class at Quantico required the attendance of one Assistant Director Walter Sergi Skinner, retired.  He was invited to speak at the ceremony.  It was also a week before the Christmas break.  The next group to enter the academy would do so after the new year.  Walter had asked Alex to accompany him, but Alex thought it wiser for him to remain at home.  There were too many memories of the Hoover building and of D. C. that still haunted Alex.  No, staying in Montana was the wisest choice. 


Besides, if they both went, who would decorate the ranch for Christmas?


In spite of the several phone calls that were exchanged on a daily basis, Alex Krycek moped.  He missed Walter.  He missed his big hairy bear of a lover with his strong arms, nearly hairless pate and sexy growl.  Alex also missed his lover’s other considerable manly attributes, the other reason for Alex’s moping and occasional bouts of pouting.  Of course, pouting is highly unbecoming of an ex-triple agent/assassin so Alex threw his energies into decorating their home.


However, Alex soon discovered that the more traditional colors of the season, red and green, did not truly reflect his feelings of longing and loneliness.  He had chopped down a tree, expertly prepared it and set it into its stand.  He got halfway through winding the first string of multicolored Christmas lights, when he  stopped and then removed the lights, rolling them back up on its spool.  The multi-colored lights somehow looked wrong.


Everything looked wrong.  Including the red bow on the large wreath that adorned their front door and the green garland that swagged from the mantel.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  Alex resumed his moping.


Deciding that he needed a break, Alex turned on the local radio station that was playing traditional holiday music.  Taking out his old guitar, Alex strummed and sang along with the songs.  The seasonal music was uplifting and Alex realized he was being silly.  Walter had confirmed his flight for home and Alex confirmed that the weather would cooperate.  His lover would be home in plenty of time to celebrate the season and the new year with Alex.


Alex was about to resume his decorating when the deep sultry voice of Elvis wafted through the air.


“I’ll have a blue Christmas without you

I’ll be so blue just thinking about you

Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree

Won’t be the same, dear, if you’re not here with me


And when those blue snowflakes start falling

That’s when those blue memories start calling

You’ll be doin’ all right, with your Christmas of white

But I’ll have a blue, blue blue blue Christmas


You’ll be doin’ all right, with your Christmas of white,

But I’ll have a blue, blue Christmas”


Alex knew just how to decorate the only real home he had ever known.




“What’s all this?”  Walter asked as they drove up their long dirt driveway.  The front of the ranch house twinkled with blue and white icicle shaped lights.


“I decorated,” Alex said shyly.


“I can see that,” Walter said as he got out of Alex’s old pickup.  Alex grabbed Walter’s bag as he led his lover indoors.


“I missed you.  And I was blue without you,” Alex murmured, suddenly feeling silly.


“Babe, it’s beautiful!” 


Walter took in the site of their tree, bathed in cool blue lights that twined around it.  The ornaments were silver, in varying sizes.  Alex omitted the garland, opting for delicately placed strands of silver and blue tinsel.  The silver star on the top of the tree softly twinkled.  The deep blue garland that swagged across the mantel glowed with reflected light from the tree and the fire below.


The only red in the mix was from their overstuffed stockings that hung at the opposite ends of the fireplace.


“It’s perfect, Alex,” Walter gushed, much to Alex’s joy.  He thought he had gone a little overboard on the blue theme.  “Maybe I should go away more often,” Walter teased.


Walter then found himself flat on his back on the sofa with his lover’s tongue checking out his tonsils and a very hard erection pressed against his thigh.  It was several moments later when Alex allowed his lover to come up for air.


“I don’t think so Walter,” Alex growled as he guided Walter’s hand toward his cock.  Walter cupped his lover’s heavy balls.  “The lights aren’t the only things that are blue around here!”


Walter bellowed out a laugh then hugged Alex close.  “Then I guess I got home in the nick of time,” Walter purred, nipping one of his lover’s elfin ears.


“Mmmm,” Alex agreed as he stood, pulling Walter up with him.  “Come on, Santa, time to make this elf’s Christmas, white!” 


The lovers kissed then went to bed to chase the blues away.


(words & music by Billy Hayes - Jay Johnson)




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