The Cat Blew Up ... Continues

The Cat Blew Up ... Continues

(Fandom - X-Files)

Fade in. Cue in the X-Files theme song.

"The truth is out there."

"Alex, I'm driving into town, I have a craving for one of Emma's pies. Wanna come with me?" Walter asked his partner.

"For one of Emma's pies?! Sure, let's go."

The two men climbed into Alex's truck to drive into town. It was a quiet drive into their peaceful small town of 'no wheresville' Montana. Rarely did anything exciting happened there. It was the perfect place for two former warriors to retire.

"Did Old Man Johnson get a dog?" Walter asked as they slowly drove passed the barber shop.

"What? A dog? Mr. Johnson hates dogs. Where did you get an idea like that?"

"There's a dog sitting in Mr. Johnson's rocker and he looks like he's smoking a pipe."

"Walter, I think you've been inhaling too many paint fumes lately. You need to get out of your workshop more often."

"Alex, I know what I saw."

"Uh, huh, and I suppose that's not Emma behind her counter wearing her pink apron?"

Walter's face took on an expression of sheer horror.

"Alex! She's a dog! A large thin dog wearing a pink apron. Alex, we've got to do something, they're all dogs!"

Walter whipped his head around, to look at the town and it's occupants as they went along on their day to day errands. The whole town was filled with dogs!

"The butcher! Look, Alex, in the window, he's a big bulldog."

Alex gazed in the window, seeing nothing wrong.

"Walter, I'm taking you to the hospital. You're hallucinating," Alex said gently, worried about his lover.

"Alexi, please, I'll go anywhere, but first call Mulder for me. Tell him he must fly here immediately to investigate!"

"Mulder?! Who's Mulder?" Alex asked.

Walter looked up at Alex in the driver's seat. The dog seemed perplexed looking at the map.

"Alex! "ALEX!"

"Walter, Babe, wake up, you're having a nightmare," Alex gently shook his lover awake. Taking a cool cloth, Alex wiped the sweat off Walter's brow. "And that's the last time you eat shrimp dip and nacho chips right before bed," Alex grumbled.

"Alex, it was horrible. The whole town, including you turned into dogs. I thought I was living an X-File."

"Shh, it's over, we're fine. No dogs. No dogs in aprons, no dogs smoking pipes and no dogs reading maps," Alex mumbled as he threw the cloth in the direction of the bathroom then snuggled against his man. "Try to get some more sleep, Walter, it'll be better in the morning." Alex yawned, kissed Walter then went to sleep.

"But Alex, how did you know...."

Before Walter could finish, the mouse went dancing naked across the foot of their bed.

Fade to black. Cue in the Dallas theme song.

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