Warning: Some graphic imagery.  Convo fic.







“Alex, you’ve been sitting out here for hours.  I realize the view from our porch is beautiful but you must be frozen.”


“I’m fine, Walter, really.”


“Do you want to talk about it?  We’ve shared so much since we’ve been together.  You can tell me anything.”


“I know Walter.  Thank you, but I’m not sure how to discuss it.  My little problem seems so trivial compared to the important issues in the world.”


“If it concerns you then it’s far from trivial.  We can work through it no matter what it is.”


“You’ll think it’s silly.  And quite frankly, big bad assassins don’t do silly.”


“If it helps, I do silly.”


“Since when?  I don’t recall you doing silly when you were AD.”


“I’m retired; I’m allowed to be silly whenever I choose.  And you’re deflecting.  Big bad assassins don’t deflect unless you’re deflecting a fist.  Now, what’s got your knickers in a bunch?”


“Your Christmas gift.”


“My what?”


“Your Christmas gift.  I know what I want to give you; however, I’m not sure if it’s a politically correct gift.”


“Since when are you politically correct?  You used to kill people for a living.  How correct was that?”


“You do have a point.”


“So does that mean you’re ready to come inside?  Dinner is on the table and I prefer not to eat alone.”


“Yeah, I’m ready.  It’s freezing out here!”


“Didn’t I just say that?”




“Walter, you keep cooking like that and this big bad assassin will be growing bigger.  And not in a good way.”


“I’m pleased you enjoyed it.  Besides, I’m sure we’ll work it off.”


“Is that a promise?”


“Yes, it is.  Alex, I have a confession to make, I wasn’t too sure what to get you this year either.  You’re not the easiest man to buy for.  And it’s not like I can walk into the nearest department store and ask for suggestions.”


“Yes, I imagine you might get a few looks if you walked up to a salesman and said excuse me, what’s the latest in assassination wear this year.  Or, my boyfriend could use a new garrote, can you direct me to the right counter.   Nope, don’t think so.”


“So you see my dilemma.  I’m afraid what I got you lacks imagination.”


“Walter, you’re the best gift I could ever hope for.  Everything else is gravy.”


“I feel the same.  I didn’t expect to spend the latter part of my life with someone, especially someone who understands me the way you do.  Here.”


“It’s beautiful, Walter.  I’ll wear it often.  Thank you.”


“I noticed you admiring mine and I thought you might like a sweater like it.  I’m afraid they ran out of black but I think the green goes with your eyes.”


“My my, where did my tough AD go to?”


“I’m getting soft in my old age.”


“Not where it counts, old man.  Here.  It’s not much and it’s certainly not a practical gift nor is it what you might call a happy gift.  Just take it as my pledge that if I ever need to take up my former career again, I will do it only if I have no other choice.  Or if those I love are threatened in any way.  And that includes a certain Fox and his family because you care about them.”


“It’s a...”


“A spent 45 caliber bullet.  I dug it out of my first kill.  I’ve carried it with me all these years to remind me of my past and what I thought my future was going to be.  Meeting you changed all that.  Making this life together has given me life.  I don’t need to carry it anymore.”


“I don’t know what to say.”


“Pretty gruesome, isn’t it.”


“Perhaps, but I understand and can appreciate it.  Thank you, Alex.  Forgive me if I don’t carry with me but I will put it someplace special where I can see it every day and remember what it took for us to get here.  I promise you, Alexi, that if you ever have to take up your former career again, even temporarily, I’ll be your back up.”


“I love you, Walter.  Merry Christmas.”


“Merry Christmas, Alex.  I love you too.”


“Wanna go to bed and check out if you’re still getting soft, old man?”


“I’ll show you who’s soft, boy!  Grrrrr.”


“Mmm, just what I’ve always wanted, a Christmas teddy bear!”



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