R is for Rat Bastard


Alex Krycek stood staring from the doorway of the hotel room that he and his partner Walter Skinner were about to spend several nights in. Walter was invited to speak at the graduation of the latest class of FBI agents. The boys thought they’d make a holiday of it, playing tourist in the city that had such an important role in their past.

“Alex, what is it?” Walter asked when he realized the younger man hadn’t entered the room.

Alex shrugged his shoulders, hesitant to reveal his feelings.

Walter put down his bags.

“Speak to me, Alexi,” Walter gently urged as he carefully snaked his arm around Alex’s shoulders.

Alex silently stared toward a set of large glass doors at the other end of the room. Following his gaze, Walter nodded with understanding.

“This Walter Skinner in room 1013,” he began as soon as the front desk answered. “Would it be possible to switch to a room without a balcony? Thank you. Much appreciated. We’ll meet him there. Thank you again,” Walter said sincerely before hanging up.

“Let’s go,” Walter said as he picked up his bags, guiding a now happy Alex out of the room.


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