H is for Hell


Alex woke with a start, gasping for air. His training immediately kicked in and he got himself under control before he woke up his partner. Carefully getting out of bed Alex padded his way downstairs. He quietly made himself cocoa. Sitting at the table, Alex analyzed his dream.

After spitting up the black oil, Alex found himself trapped in the silo alone, cold and in the dark. This was Alex’s recurring nightmare. It never stopped but fortunately since his partnership with Walter the nightmare had considerably slowed down. Occurring about once every six month or so, Alex considered himself lucky.

As he warmed his hands against his mug, Alex heard Walter come down the stairs.

“Is there any more cocoa?”

“Sure, let me heat it up for you,” Alex replied as he stood to go to the stove.

“I got it,” Walter said. Walter heated up the pot, poured himself a mugful then added the rest to Alex’s mug.

“Same dream?” Alex nodded.

“You survived.” He nodded again.

“You’ll always survived,” Walter assured his partner. Alex shrugged.

“I was in hell.”

“Was, being the operative word. Are you still in hell?” Walter asked, looking at his moody Russian lover through the rising steam from his mug.

Moss green eyes peered back at Walter. A mischievous smile began to splay at the corners of Alex’s mouth. “No, Walter, my hell ended the day you convinced me that we belonged together.” Alex gave Walter one of his rare dimples at full depth smiles.

“Have you finished your cocoa?” Walter asked innocently as he took one last sip from his mug.

Alex looked down into his now empty mug. “Why I do believe I have. What do you have in mind?”

Chocolate brown eyes twinkled. “I think we should go back to bed,” Walter suggested.

“You know, I’m not very sleepy,” Alex stated.

“Who said anything about sleep?” Walter replied holding out his hand. Alex took the proffered hand then followed his man back to bed.


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