A Clear Conscience is Usually the Sign of a Bad Memory/ Depression is Merely Anger Without Enthusiasm/ 42.7% of All Statistics Are Made Up on the Spot





“What are you doing out here, Alex, don’t you know the mosquitoes will eat you up alive?  You know they’re more active at this time of the evening.” 


Alex was standing in the barnyard staring up at the night sky.  Mosquitoes and ‘no-see-ums’ were buzzing about him. “Small penance to pay for the chaos I’ve caused you over the years, Walter.”


“If you think my conscience is clear then your memory is failing you.”


“Are you comparing your misdeeds to mine?”


“Alex, I thought we’ve moved beyond these guilt trips.”


  “Sheesh, Walter, can’t I wallow in guilt and self pity every once in a while?  I think I’ve earned it!”


“Do you know how depressing that sounds?”


“Well, depression is merely anger without enthusiasm,” Alex deadpanned making Walter laugh.  Alex tried remaining stoic as the corners of his pouty lips curled upward.  “Come here,” Walter gently demanded as he drew the younger man into his arms.


The bear hugged his rat close neglectful of the increasing onslaught of attacking insects.


“Alex?” Walter murmured after a few moments.  “I’m getting eaten up alive, let’s go inside.”  Walter punctuated his statement by slapping at his arm.


The men sprinted for the ranch house.


Safe within their home, away from the annoyance, the lovers settled down for the evening.


“Shit, we were only out there for a few minutes and I’m bitten from head to toe,” Walter commented as he scratched at a swelling bump on his dome.  “Maybe we should get tested for West Nile or other mosquito transmitted diseases.”


Alex rolled his eyes.  “Walter, only 20% of people bitten ever develop a mosquito borne disease.”


“Yeah, and 42.7 % of all statistics are made up on the spot.  I think I’ll make that appointment.”


“You do that, Walter, while I go get you an antihistamine.”


“I thought you were through torturing me.  You know, all that guilt and stuff making you depressed.  I’m not feeling the love here.”


“You will be,” Alex said, quite over his previously gloomy mood as he handed his lover a pill and a tube of lube.


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