About Growing Older 2...


"Eventually you will reach a point when you stop lying about your age and start bragging about it."



Alex and Walter were sitting out on their back porch, enjoying the cool Fall weather. Walter was reading the latest crime novel while Alex was perusing the obituaries on his tablet. He snorted when he came across a familiar name.

"What?" Walter asked, looking up from his book.

"Another one bites the dust," Alex said with satisfaction.

"Anyone I know?" Walter inquired.

"Donít think so. Gerrard was part of the European Consortium. As far as I know he never came to the United States."

"Hmm. Was he important?"

"Not really, just another cog in the Consortium wheel, but a nasty one. Good riddance," Alex said with a sneer. "Theyíre all dying out, one way or another." Alex smirked.

"When did he die?" Walter asked his [ex] assassin lover, trying to keep the suspicion out of his voice. Alex chuckled, taking no offence - once a FBI Assistant Director, always an Assistant Director. Just because Walter Skinner was retired, it didnít make him any less law abiding.

"Four days ago," Alex responded casually. "Hit and run." Walter did some mental mathematics. Both he and Alex had been doing their Fall inspection of their perimeter fence. It was a week long chore, done on horseback. They would have been at the farthest point away from the ranch, close to the mountains.

"My condolences," Walter said dryly. "Are there many of them left?" he asked.

"Besides us, you mean?" Alex smiled sweetly as Walter glared. Walter hated to be reminded about the part he played in the Consortium. Even though he was a reluctant player and forced into it, Walter always had regrets. "No. Maybe about a dozen, hard to tell, theyíve all gone to ground. Besides, theyíre either too old or too scared to cause any trouble."

"Unlike you," Walter snarked.

"Walter, Iím hurt," Alex said as he put a hand to his heart for effect.

"Sure you are. In any case you have nothing to worry about," Walter remarked as he poured them both hot tea from a carafe.

"Care to explain," Alex said as he carefully sipped the hot brew.

"Well, for one, you are very rarely scared of anything. And thereís little danger of anyone sneaking up on us here. Youíve made this place more secure than Fort Knox."

"Thank you, Walter." Alex smiled at his lover, allowing his deep dimples to show. Walter ignored him.

"As for being old, you donít look that much older than when we first met."

"Ahh, those were the days." Alex leaned back on his chaise. "I was a dashing young recruit and you were the dreaded AD," Alex chuckled.

"You were a spy sent to infiltrate the FBI, and a pain in the ass," Walter growled. Alex stood up then went to straddle Walterís legs.

"Weíll break the lounger," Walter warned.

"Iíll be careful but you should know better than to use your angry AD voice. You know what that growling does to me," Alex purred then gave his AD a kiss. Walter eagerly returned the kiss, patting Alexís ass before gently urging him up. Alex went back to his own chair.

"You shouldnít tease an old man," Walter said sadly.

"Youíre not old and Iím not teasing."

"Alex, Iím closer to sixty than Iíd like to admit," Walter exclaimed.

"So? You know what the side benefits of being with me are, you have nothing to worry about," Alex boasted. "Besides, youíre hot at any age and you're going to outlive all of those other guys," Alex assured him.

"Yeah, about those side benefits..."

"Donít question, Walter, just accept. Think of it as part of your pension plan." Walter threw Alex a poignant look. "We age Walter, just slower than most. Look at it this way, your body will be ready, willing and able to handle mine at anytime and for a very long time," Alex beamed, his green eyes flashing with lust.

Walter smiled, his chocolate brown eyes grew darker with desire. "Maybe getting older is not such a bad thing after all," he growled low in his AD voice.

"Not bad at all," Alex agreed as he took his old man to bed.

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