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Crisis Management

Set a few months post S5. Justin is in New York. Not at all sure this is anything like what you had in mind.

Written for qaf_giftxchnge for 2017

New Jan. 12th 2017


The continuation of Homecoming as Brian and Justin move into their new home.

New Nov. 18th 2018 

Stubborn as an Irishman

A St. Patrick's Day drabble

New Mar. 17th 2015

Canes and Planes and Christmas Pains

Brian comes through in the end.

Written for qaf_giftxchnge for 2016

New Jan. 21st 2017


Brian and Justin have differing views on a few things.


Sensuality 1

Carnality meets sensuality with maybe even a dash of romance. Brian's view of Justin.

New Mar. 17th 2015


Payback's a Bitch

Justin wants revenge on both the goblin and their friends for jerking Brian around last Halloween.


These are flashbacks that go with Homecoming.


Sensuality 2

Companion piece to Sensuality 1.

New Mar. 17th 2015

Silenced Nights

Daphne's getting more than a little fed up with everyone upsetting her BFF by dissing his relationship. What can a super-faghag do?

Written for qaf_giftxchnge for 2014

Love's Not Times Fool

A trilogy that began as a Halloween fic for 2014.  There are ghosts and deaths.

New Feb. 22nd

Valentine's Drabbles 2015

Valentine's Day for the boys.


Leaving Home

  Written for the Full Circle Theme at the Clusterf#ck Challenge on LJ.

The Beatles Trilogy

Any Time At All, Tell Me Why, and Just to Dance with You


Once Bitten Twice Shy

Based on this old saying.


Changing Roles

  Written for the Complications Theme at the Clusterf#ck Challenge on LJ.


Brian is experimenting with something. He needs Justin's help.



Unexpected Visitor


Christmas Fairies

  Christmas is coming up, and there's one thing Brian really wants.

Satan's Fury

Written for the Quoin Orange Challenge. Brian has a 666 tattoo.  What does it mean? 

Missing in Action


Miracle on Tremont St.

Written for the Christmas Challenge based on a Christmas movie.





Written for the Marriage Challenge.  


Mine's Bigger Than Yours

The Experiment Continues

Written for the Tribe's 100,000 Challenge


A Big Secret


Comfort and Joy

Written for the 2003 Christmas Song Challenge.


Angels and Devils

But who is who?   

 First Kiss - Kind Of

Season 1 gapfiller.




   At the Mall

Three different views about a trip to the Mall just before Christmas.


Hearing the Silences


Halloween Story

It's about a house.




Brian Kinney and the...

It's a sort of QAF version of Darby O'Gill.




406 Revised

A reworking of certain scene of Episode 406. 




414 Revisited

A reworking of Episode 414




Dead Like...?

Someone has had an accident.




Morning at the Loft

Justin's back from L.A.



Loving Brian


Romantic Conversation - Sort Of

Brian and Justin wax romantic - sort of



People Think...


A Pirate's Tale

Written for the Third Anniversary Hallowe'en Challenge.



Gus Drabble 


A Leather Jacket Valentine

Written for the Kiss Challenge. 



Christmas in the Loft


Sir Justin and the Ogre

Written for the Tribe's First Anniversary Fairy Tale Challenge. 





Tree Troubles

Written for the Tribe's 2005 Christmas Challenge. 



Justin's Christmas Carol

Written for the Tribe's 2005 Christmas Challenge.  





Birth and Rebirth

Written for the Tribe's Fourth Anniversary Challenge.



Written for the Clusterf#ck Challenge on LJ.  

Christmas: Past, Present and ... Future?

Written for the Tribe's 2006 Christmas Challenge.  


Wet and Sticky

 Happy Birthday Sandy!  

Never Have, Never Will

Set probably around a year after the end of S5, but in an AU where Brian and Justin didn't meet that night under the lamp post. Brian is around 35 and Justin is 23.


Reason to Celebrate

Written for the "37 Days of Gusmas" challenge over at IJ.
 37 prompts for drabbles, covering the days from Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve are given.

Always Have, Always Will

This is a continuation of Never Have, Never Will.


Reasons to Believe

It's post S5. Justin is in New York.  He explains why.

The Answer

B/J gap filler b/w 409-410 Justin helps Brian cope...


Spare Change

Wren gave herself a challenge to write a drabble based on these three random words - spare, store, obligation.

Ghost of Christmas Presents

  It’s post S5 and the boys have not long moved into Britin. Brian is away on a business trip just before Christmas, and strange things start happening.


The Wearing of the Green

Old With the Old...

  The boys are in the new house and Christmas is coming. Fits into the Homecoming universe. Written for the Christmas Traditions Challenge.



The House on Hudson Street

  An AU where Justin is only three years younger than Brian (he’d tell you ‘two and a half’) and Molly is the older Taylor sibling.


Devilish Angel

Written for the Tribe's Second Anniversary Challenge.  

And Therefore Is Winged Cupid Painted Blind

The main part of this story is set in an AU where Brian and Justin never met. In fact, Brian Kinney, as such, may never have existed.



The Man With the Hazel Eyes

  Inspired in part by the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and in part by the tale of Tam Lynn, it's an Au set roughly S5 in which Brian and Justin haven't met.


Words of Wisdom

'Twas the Month Before Christmas

Post S5 in an AU where there is no JR (just purely because it simplified the plot).  Something has happened in Toronto and Brian gets a phone call that sends him into action.



Set any time after S3 - probably post S5.


Tripping the Light Fantastic

A dance and a memory. Written for the Tripping Challenge.


Coffee Break

Based on the words - ironic, state, caramel

Tannenbaum Schmannenbaum

Written for [info]qaf_giftxchnge.

It was a gift for [info]happier_bunny who wanted a snarky Christmas fic.


Who's the Pussycat?

Based on the trigger words lion, three, store


Christmas Surprise

Set in the Homecoming!future 'verse. Gus is thirteen and Dani is just a few weeks old.


Breaking the Barrier

Somewhere post 510

The Worst (?) Christmas Ever

Weather and friends can wreak havoc on a holiday. Written for The Worst Holiday Ever Challenge at Moonshadow.


Learning From the Master

Companion piece to Valentine's Day. It explains how Brian got "persuaded" to hold a Valentine's Day dinner

The Luck of the Irish

Brian leaves Ireland in 1912, and, even though he's not exactly a rich man in this story, he doesn't enter the US through Ellis Island.


Valentine's Day - Kinney-Taylor Style

Based on a bet to write a Valentine fic in which Brian gives Justin flowers and candy for Valentine's while keeping Brian in character.

A Good Deal

Gapfiller  - the events of 314 from Justin's point of view.


Birthday Celebrations - Or Not

Trigger words for this one were effort, power, birthday

There's a Pawn Shop on the Corner

An AU where Brian and Justin meet in college.  Written for the Christmas Gift Challenge.


Cultural Heritage

Brian represents his heritage.


Ten Year Itch

Brian and Justin are approaching a milestone. Written for the Milestones challenge.


Yes/No/Not Applicable

Not enough options.



Justin is in New York (although not permanently), his birthday is coming up, their friends are nagging (no surprise there). Brian, of course, is doing his best to ignore the whole thing, but circumstances seem to be conspiring to put ideas into his head about how this milestone birthday might be celebrated.
Written for the QAF gift exchange.


Generous Gift?

Brian is getting ready for Christmas.


This is a fic written for the qaf_giftxchnge of 2013. It was in answer to a request from galeandrandy.  


St. Patrick's Day Blues

Justin is fed up with St. Patrick's Day.

As They Like It

Set sometime between 311 and Brian starting Kinnetik. The boys consider going to see a Shakespearian comedy - played the way it would originally have been staged, with all the gender-bending that implies.


Once a WASP

Companion piece to Cultural Heritage, dealing with Justin's heritage.


Running Scared

It's an AU in which, when Justin meets Brian, the other man is in a long term (if unconventional) relationship. (Don't be scared, there are no ickies)


Hating Halloween

Why Brian and Justin hate Halloween.

Pittsburgh, DC
It's just on Christmas and 'flu is striking the family. What's a control freak to do?

Written for qaf_giftxchnge for 2014


Mother and Son

Debbie and Michael observe Brian's relationship with Justin.

You Can't Always Get What You Want
Justin learns that Brian was every night in the hospital.

Written for qaf_giftxchnge for 2015


It's Only Time

Gusmas Drabbles - 2012

Sometimes Elevators Take You someplace Totally New
Justin and Brian get stuck on an elevator.

Written for ekg_club Justin's Magical Heart-shaped Ass Day challenge.


Where's the F**king Comfort...?
An accident sends Gus and Justin to the hospital just before Christmas.

Written for qaf_giftxchnge for 2015


Joan Kinney: RIP

Joan Kinney is finally dead: December 23rd 2016

Written for qaf_giftxchnge for 2016

New Jan. 21st 2017


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